5 Trends You Can Talk About with Your Teenage Grandkids

With all the challenges one has to face when they’re older, sometimes it’s best to focus on the good things. This could be in the form of experiences and wisdom you’ve gained or life’s greatest gifts—your grandchildren. 

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Unfortunately, for some grandparents, their biggest fear comes true as their grandkids grow and alienation starts dominating the once sweet relationship they once shared with them. But talking to your grandchildren shouldn’t have to be so tough as they enter their teen stage. In fact, if you have great communication skills, you can continue to be an integral part of their lives and enjoy the beautiful bond that you have with them. 

How and What to Talk About with Your Grandchildren?

Some things to bear in mind when talking to your grandkids include being open and friendlier. Explore the interests of your grandkids and get to know them more by keeping an open mind. Only occasionally chime in to give advice, but don’t constantly pester them. 

You can talk to your grandkids about the latest trends since those would be relevant to them and will give you a chance to know more about what’s happening in their lives as well. But what trends can you discuss with these teens? Let’s give you some ideas. 

1. Talk about Popular Apps Like TikTok. Teenagers these days are so into making videos of themselves acting to clips from movies. Of course, we’re talking about the TikTok mania. This latest obsession has become so big that even marketers are seeing the potential in collaborating with young TikTok stars to promote their products. If your grandchildren are into this particular channel, talk to them about it. You could listen to their interest in it, watch their videos, and then even give them an idea of how they could use the platform to their benefit if they have lots of followers. Sure, the app may seem weird at first but you will grow to like it. 

2. Talk about Fashion Trends. If your teen grandchild is anything like other kids these days, he or she is probably completely immersed in the fashion world. This means the teen in the hours cares way too much about looking ‘dope’ at all times by following celeb fashion or some popular fashion trends for teenagers these days.

This would be a great topic to open a conversation about with your grandkid. But don’t criticize. Listen to their opinions and ideas and support some of them before fulfilling your urge to tell them which clothes are suitable, and which are too scandalous.

3. Talk about Games Like Pokémon Go. Gaming is very popular among teenagers. Again, don’t start the conversation by chiding the child for being on their phone or device too much. Talk about their favorite games and see if they can even create a profile for you so you can play too.

4. Talk about Movies and TV Trends Like Stranger Things. Pop culture has always been of great interest to teenagers. If your teen grandchild is into movies, then they may be a big fan of the Avengers movies or DC films like Joker. One great way to connect with your grandkid is by talking about these movies. If you are interested, you could also watch movies with your grandchild and then talk about them. You could talk about what things you liked about characters and what you didn’t. If your kid is into the Netflix series, you could talk about shows like Stranger Things, and Money Heist. One show currently trending? You on Netflix.

5. Talk about Trending Celebrities. Teens are crazy about celebrities so that would definitely make a fun topic to discuss with your teen grandchild. Just so you are somewhat informed before opening the convo, know these days kids are into celebs including Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Shawn Mendes, and Billie Eilish. You could chat about these known personalities and ask your grandchildren what they think about them, what they like and what they dislike. 

A writer by day and a reader by night, Evelyn is a blogger and content marketer from Australia. She started her career as a junior writer in an Ad agency but with the passage of time her passion from food and travel grew so much.

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