6 Awesome Wii Games…for Moms!

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The typical new mom afternoon routine:  your little bundle of joy is down for a nap andyou’re stuck inside longing for some exercise and a little entertainment. Video games have come a long way in the past decade and if you haven’t played one since the days of barrel throwing gorillas and little men with mustaches then you should definitely check out the Nintendo Wii. This cool little system is relatively inexpensive ($169) and boasts a great selection of games aimed at getting you groovin’ and maybe even back into those pre-baby jeans.

We have put together a list of our favorite games that can be easily enjoyed in that precious 45 minutes of daily down time.

Zumba Fitness
Dance to your own beat with this fun Brazilian aerobic exercise program that mixes Latin music and some seriously heart pumping moves. Strap on the included fitness belt that holds the Wii Remote for hands-free dancing and grab some light weights for a super upper body workout as well. Turn on night club mode and pretend you still have a social life while you shake your groove thing.

All Star Cheer Squad
Bring It On and be in it to win it with the two remotes as your pom-poms and some sassy fitness attitude. Add the balance board and with the mix of dance moves you can really get that full-body step workout you have been waiting for (PS – if you have a cheerleader outfit, this also works quite well for Date Night foreplay).

Just Dance/Just Dance 2
From the Macarena to the Running Man, this game features actual dance moves to the actual songs that are actually worth dancing to. This easy to follow game is similar to some of the arcade dancing games but it doesn’t stop or penalize you for missing a step. Get your heart rate up and get both your upper and lower body into it. Don’t worry, the kiddos won’t judge.

Top Spin 3
Who would say no to an Anna Kournikova-like physique? Swing and bounce your way back into that sundress with the remote as your racquet. Kick in the cardio and get your feet moving by jumping when you serve and stretch out to hit those tough shots. Just be sure to move the coffee table out of the way first!

MLB Power Pros
Get your spring training in even when it’s the off season with all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams. Feel the burn and get low into that squat with a real batting stance. Your quads, glutes, obliques, and core will thank you later. Put it into Home Run Derby mode and swing away for maximum workout potential.

Shaun White Snowboarding
Jump on the balance board and take off down the slopes and half-pipe. Tighten your abs and lean to speed up, turn, and jump working your calves and quads. Add in some lightweight dumbbells for 10 overhead presses between runs to take your sport to the next level.

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