Picking out toys is a gamble. Kids can go from sheer excitement one moment to losing all interest in about a week (let alone a few days).

While you might have been sold on all that these shiny, new items could do—whether it was the flashing lights, easy-to-memorize tunes, or mystic ability to move and shake—they eventually end up forgotten at the bottom of the toy box.

So if you’re in search of a gift that’ll pique your kid’s interest (and keep it!) this holiday season, it’s time to revisit the store shelves with our must-have list of open-ended toys from schleich®.

Their playsets are adorable, durable, and highly beneficial. As they grow with your children, they’ll also help nurture their imagination, creativity, social skills, and cognitive development along the way (that’s what we like to call a quadruple whammy).

Here are six open-ended toys that’ll keep your child entertained for years to come!

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What are Open-Ended Toys & Why Are They Beneficial?

Open-ended toys are boundless toys. They don’t have specific instructions or a predetermined outcome and can be played with in many different ways. They give children the freedom to invent a new story over and over again, allowing them to foster their imagination and creativity, stimulate their social skills, and enhance their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

In short, kids can play by their own rules and interests as many times as they want.

Our 6 Favorite Open-Ended Toys for Kids

Large Barn with Animals and Accessories

Kids can create their very own farmyard adventure right from their playroom. This large barn playset includes an expansive collection of toy animals, from cows and piglets to cats and doves, and farming accessories. They can grab barrels of hay with the working hay trolley or lead your cattle to their stalls. Plus, you can expand the fun of farming by adding other kits to your set.


Pet Hotel

Future veterinarians will get a kick out of this pet hotel where all animals are welcomed. Puppies can roam around the obstacle course, while other furry friends can play on the seesaw or soar high on the moveable animal swing. This adorable set comes with an animal keeper and a handful of toy animals (we’re talking kittens, a baby goat, a golden retriever puppy, a guinea pig, and a whole lot more).


Farm World Starter Set

The Farm World Starter Set comes with the right amount of play animals to introduce your farmer-in-training to the basics of animal caretaking. With a cow, donkey, sheep, and rooster, your kids can create endless farmyard fun, then once they’ve mastered their pen, they can grow their farm with other unique add-ons from schleich®.


5-Piece Horse Collector Bundle

Calling all young equestrians, this horse set can bring your stable dreams to life. With a pinto foal, a Knabstrupper foal, a mustang foal, an Arab mare, and a Pintabian mare figurine, children can gallop through fields, groom their herd, and embark on a long journey.


Animal Rescue Large Truck

Animal heroes, it’s time to lace up your boots and prepare to be muddy, as you dive into the wild. This 10-piece, adventurous kit lets little ones play as Ranger Tom, Ted the Meerkat, or a lion through its realistic details and moveable parts. Every day crafts a new adventure, from exploring the lush jungle and taking friends on an epic safari ride.



Parents, put your child’s request for a unicorn at bay with the Llamacorn—a charming mythical creature that’s part llama and part unicorn. This fantastical figurine is the perfect companion to bring beloved fairy tales to life as well as create brand new journeys. Kids can activate the exciting superpowers of the llamacorn’s horn or prance through an enchanted forest, adding a twinkle of magic to their playroom this season.


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