Music is everywhere! It affects all of us, of all ages, in so many different ways. We all experience music every day in our lives. From the music on the television in cartoons, commercials, series to movies, and much more, we all hear music countless times daily, including the car, our computers, on our phones, in stores, malls, restaurants, etc. We all engage in music in different ways.

The association with music is never-ending, ageless and timeless. There are endless music styles and songs for different countries, races, cultures, holidays, ages, organizations, sports, companies, religions, etc. Simply stated, people cannot get enough music that creates and expresses a myriad of emotions.

Harnessing the Power of Music

The benefits of music are astounding and far-reaching. Music can also help build and sustain an important relationship between parents and children. It has been proven to offer therapeutic benefits and even aid in brain function and language development as well. It is a big part of human emotional expression and is beneficial throughout our entire lives!

While listening to music offers countless benefits, singing is perhaps even more powerful. Countless online surveys show the following


  • Singing strengthens the immune system.
  • Singing is a workout.
  • Singing improves your posture.
  • Singing helps with sleep.
  • Singing is a natural anti-depressant.
  • Singing lowers stress levels.
  • Singing improves mental alertness.
  • Singing can widen your circle of friends.

Music makes everything more fun no matter what your age is. It lightens the heart. It creates a sense of togetherness. It doesn’t matter how you engage with music. It’s a part of who we all are.

Back to Basics

I have loved music my entire life. I can remember singing harmony with my teacher in third grade. I played piano and guitar in church throughout grade school. I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world because of music and have been fine-tuning my writing skills and am proud to say I have finished my album (April & the Velvet Room—I am) with some of the best musicians in the business. I also just recorded my first Christmas song that has been an interesting journey with music—and because I love it I keep I will eternally be working on my singing skills, writing skills. I even have a beautiful cello that I hope to play well someday!

How do YOU harness your POWER through music?

—Written by Actress, Model, Singer, Songwriter & Performer April Doyle and The Velvet Room  


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