Celebrate the Lunar New Year With These AAPI & Asian-Owned Brands!

We’ll be supporting these AAPI & Asian-Owned brands all year!

The Year of the Rabbit is here! Sunday, January 22nd marks the Lunar New Year and we’re celebrating big time. The Lunar New Year is based on the lunar calendar and is a time of feasting, honoring heavenly deities, and honoring ancestors. Consequently, since it’s based on the lunar phases, it begins on the first new moon in January and ends 15 days until the full moon arrives. One of 12 zodiac animals represents each lunar year, making 2023 the Year of the Rabbit. Thanks to our cotton-tailed friend, this year is centered around peace, prosperity, and longevity in Chinese culture. It’s predicted to be a year of hope. That sounds like something to celebrate, right?

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After all, those 15 days of honoring the Lunar New Year have lots of culture-based traditions, and we’re hoping to keep the celebration going by supporting AAPI and Asian-owned brands as much as possible all year long. These businesses offer everything from food to jewelry to skincare and more! Additionally, we made sure to round up some of our favorite products that you can snag online. These are the AAPI and Asian-owned products we’ll be reaching for this year. We know you will, too!

Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing was founded in 2018 by Jing Gao, who creates products honoring the flavors of her hometown of Chengdu, China. She's drawn fans like Cate Blanchett and  Emma Chamberlain with a range of tingly, spicy, and savory goodies!

Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp ($15.00)—Buy Now

Fly By Jing Zhong Sauce ($15.00)—Buy Now

Fly By Jing Sichuan Gold Hot Sauce ($14.00)—Buy Now

Fly By Jing Mala Spice Mix ($15.00)—Buy Now

Fly By Jing Tribute Peppers ($23.00)—Buy Now


Kevin Chan and Kevin Lee (known as KChan and KLee, or "The Kevins") grew up first-generation immigrants working alongside their families in the farms and markets of Thailand and Taiwan. Having similar childhood experiences, The Kevins came together to create the first low-carb, high-protein, plant-based instant ramen made with good-for-you ingredients without sacrificing flavor!

Shop IMMI Here


Embracing sustainability and traceability, Brightland founder and CEO Aishwarya Iyer had a vision of creating fresh and pure pantry essentials. Brightland's olive oils, vinegars, and raw honey are produced on small family farms in the U.S! (As featured in Oprah's Favorite Things!)


Brightland The Artist's Capsule Cold-Pressed Olive Oils ($150.00)—Buy Now

Brightland The Couplet 100% Pure Raw, Unfiltered Honey ($42.00)—Buy Now

Brightland The Pair Double-Fermented Vinegar ($44.00)—Buy Now

Jason Wu Beauty

"I think Jason Wu Beauty is about revealing your inner icon—your inner beauty. I think there is a lot of heavy makeup on the marketplace right now, and our approach is kind of the opposite of that. It’s about a light hand. It’s about really showing yourself through the beauty products, not being covered up by them.”—Jason Wu for Harper's Bazaar 

Jason Wu Beauty

Jason Wu Beauty Ready Set Matte Setting Powder ($17.99)—Buy Now

Jason Wu Beauty Goodnight Mr. Wu Lip Sleep Mask ($14.99)—Buy Now

Jason Wu Beauty Flora 15 Shade Eyeshadow Palette ($24.99)—Buy Now 

Jason Wu Beauty Kindness For Your Lips Lip Oil ($13.99)—Buy Now

Jason Wu Beauty Celestial Lust Glitter Cream Shadow ($11.99)—Buy Now


Kahili Creations

Kahili Creations is a stunning jewelry brand designed in Hawaii, inspired by the surroundings of the islands.

Kahili Creations

Kahili Creations Pink Glass Drop 14kt Rose Gold Earrings ($33.00)—Buy Now

Kahili Creations Lapis Lazuli Acorn 14kt Gold-Filled Pendant ($48.00)—Buy Now

Honua Skincare

Another fabulous brand straight from Hawaii, Honua Skincare was created by O'ahu native Kapua Browning, who uses the line to share her passion for Hawaiian culture, botanicals, and aesthetics.

Honua Skincare

Honua Skincare 'Ōlena Beauty Oil ($48.00)—Buy Now

Honua Skincare 'Āina Mask ($38.00)—Buy Now

Honua Skincare Hibiscus Beauty Booster ($54.00)—Buy Now


Trail575 creates artisanal soy candles handmade in California!

Trail575 Jasmine Blooms Scented Candle ($35.00)—Buy Now


Stephanie Lee set out to create a collection that focuses on "scientifically proven, therapeutic ingredients and allows our community to create transformational habits that support both their physical and emotional well-being."


selfmade The Comfort Zone Bundle ($58.00)—Buy Now

selfmade True Grit Resilience Scrub ($34.00)—Buy Now


Founder Sandro Roco was inspired by the recent rise of amazing blockbuster films directed by or starring AAPI and/or Asian people, the popularity of Korean pop music, and the influence of Asian pop culture around the globe. Sandro combines classic Asian flavors and a modern label to bring you Sanzo Sparkling Water!


Sanzo Flavored Sparkling Water Variety Pack ($34.99)—Buy Now

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