Rise and shine and for today’s challenge: complete all of the games and activities below. Can you jump to the task?

1. Jump Rope
Whip out that jump rope and see how many times your kids can jump without messing up. Already conquered jumping rope? Try hopping on one foot or if you have at least three people and two ropes see if you can master double dutch.

2. Leap Frog
We bet you remember this game! Position one person on all fours on the ground. Leap over that person spreading your legs like a frog. If you have more than two people playing, keep leaping until you reach the front of the line, and then land in a crouched position covering your head on the floor. Start the game over with the last person in line starting the leaping. (Right about now, you’re wishing you’d stuck with that yoga class).

3. Long Jump
Cut five 12-inch long pieces of duct tape. Position each on the ground parallel to each other about 5 inches apart. Have your kiddo stand behind the first piece of tape and ask her to jump. Measure how far she makes it. Too easy? Move the pieces of tape so they are farther apart.

4. Hippity Hop Obstacle Course
Practice his motor and coordination skills by taking a soft foam ball and putting it between his knees while standing. Have your kiddo hop around with the ball between his legs to different parts of your living room. Can he hop to the couch without dropping the ball? How about leaping to touch the TV?

5. Hopscotch
Take a piece of chalk and draw a hopscotch game on your sidewalk, driveway or an empty school playground. Even without chalk, you can still outline hopscotch on the snow with sticks, rocks or even food coloring.

6. Stair Hop
Keeping your feet close together hop up a short flight of stairs, one stair at a time. Sounds easy, but you’ll soon find it’s quite a challenge to keep up the pace. Hop back down. See who can complete the most stairs.

What games do you play that require jumping and leaping? Did you complete all of ours? Leave a comment below!

photo: Jose Maria Cuellar via flickr 

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