The Bunny knows that toddlers need different goodies in their basket Easter morning. Elementary and tween-age fillers aren’t gonna do it (and probably wouldn’t interest them, anyway). Even if you plan to include a little candy (after making sure it’s toddler-safe, of course), we want to make sure they have lots of fun to unpack after the egg hunt. Whether you’re all about the big mega-baskets for the holiday, or stick to a few sweet gifts, these Easter basket ideas for toddlers are definitely going to deliver.

We rounded up all the bunnies, stuffies, crafts, and toys that are pretty much guaranteed to get them giddier than a Cadbury Creme Egg ever could. Not that we’re not into Cadbury Creme Eggs, but you know what we mean. They’re little kid-appropriate, a ton of fun, and they’re also going to last beyond Easter morning. Pretty “sweet” deal, huh? Take a look at our Easter basket ideas for toddlers below and get ready to take some ultra-adorable pics, too!

Wooden Bowling Bunny with Carrots

wooden bunny in a carrot shaped car and 5 carrot shaped bowling pins toy
Jack Rabbit Creations

This heirloom (hare-loom?) quality wooden bowling bunny from Jack Rabbit Creations is so cute and engaging. Set up the carrot pins, pull back your rabbit race car, and let it go!

Wooden Bowling Bunny with Carrots ($25.49)—Buy Here!

Caring for Bees & Beehives by LEGO DUPLO


Your little one will develop empathy, learn to care for nature, and develop fine motor skills with this LEGO DUPLO build-and-rebuild toy. They'll learn how honey is made, water the flowers, and serve the included characters a well-deserved cup of tea (with honey, naturally).

Caring for Bees & Beehives by LEGO DUPLO ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Duckie's Fluffle Handmade Chalk

multi-colored bunny head-shaped sidewalk chalk

First of all, it's imperative that we tell you that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle. Now that you know that, you'll appreciate the Duckie's Fluffle Handmade Chalk even more. Available in a set of orange/yellow/green or blue/pink/purple.

Duckie's Fluffle Handmade Chalk ($24.00)—Buy Here!

Rabbit Hutch Set

play bunny cage set

If they're more Team Bunny than Team Bee, this Rabbit Hutch Set from Schleich is perfect. Two baby rabbits are getting acclimated to their new home, and your little one can help!

Rabbit Hutch Set ($24.99)—Buy Here!

Spring Favour Box by The Dough Parlour

The Dough Parlour

These adorable little houses in pastel yellow and purple make the perfect Easter favors and basket stuffers, especially since they're filled with the yummiest-smelling non toxic modeling dough. Choose from scents like Carrot Cake, Gummy Worm, and Glazed Donut!

Spring Favour Box by The Dough Parlour ($10.00)—Buy Here!

Rainbow Twirler


Every holiday could use a little magic, and when all you have to do is twist and turn this Rainbow Twirler, it definitely feels like you have your own magic wand.

Rainbow Twirler ($5.00)—Buy Here!

Safari Ltd. Construction Vehicles TOOB

Safari Ltd.

Your little digger needs little diggers, right? And this TOOB is full of the best construction vehicles for all their projects.

Safari Ltd. Construction Vehicles TOOB ($13.29)—Buy Here!

Bug Out! Stickable Foam Bath Shapes

Mud Puppy

What's better than bugs and bathtime? These foam critters cling to the bathtub and tile when they're wet, and can be used over and over again.

Bug Out! Stickable Foam Bath Shapes ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Carrot Pouch


Help them keep their bunnies safe in—what else?—a zip-up carrot pouch! Whenever they're needed, they pop right out.

Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Carrot Pouch ($15.88)—Buy Here!

Play-Doh Spring Eggs 4pk

4 colored plastic eggs filled with Play-Doh

Play-Doh will never go out of style, and these pre-filled Play-Doh eggs fit perfectly in toddler Easter baskets.

Play-Doh Spring Eggs 4pk ($15.20)—Buy Here!

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Pens

box of easter-themed tempera paint
The Pencil Grip

No smocks, no cups, no brushes, no water. All your kiddos have to do is uncap and go for it—it dries fast! This set even includes Easter craft ideas to make the most of their new paints.

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Pens ($8.25)—Buy Here!

Dino Chompers Eggs

4 dino figures and four green plastic easter eggs

These grabber action dinos (in their own pre filled eggs, of course) aren't just for playing; they can clip onto backpacks, lunch pails, jacket zippers, and more.

Dino Chompers Eggs ($10.99)—Buy Here!

Kid's Woven Palm Sun Hat


The warm weather means a lot of outdoor time, and keeping them protected from the sun is easy and adorable with this Anthropologie hat.

Kid's Woven Palm Sun Hat ($48.00)—Buy Here!

Toddler Bunny Slippers

4 different colors of kids fuzzy bunny slippers

Bunny slippers are a classic, and they're perfect for chilly mornings, too. Several colors available. 

Toddler Bunny Slippers ($20.99)—Buy Here!

Butterfly Pearl Pastel Shades Bangles

Lilies & Roses

Getting dressed up is part of the fun on Easter morning, but your little one can wear these sweet bangles anytime. 

Butterfly Pearl Pastel Shades Bangles ($21.99)—Buy Here!

Full Toddler Golf Set


This sustainably-made golf set includes enough gear for two little ones to practice their game together.

Full Toddler Golf Set ($40.00)—Buy Here!

Retro Jelly Tote


Did Jellies ever really go out of style? Even if they did, they're back, and this adorable tote comes in multiple colors for all their most important things.

Retro Jelly Tote ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Stacking Farmyard Play Set

Tender Leaf Toys

These super-cute wooden farm animals easily stack together so they can play farmer or blocks. Or both.

Stacking Farmyard Play Set ($29.99)—Buy Here!

Butterfly Garden


This butterfly garden includes (non-invasive) wildflower seeds, a paper pulp butterfly, wooden marker, and colored pencils. Toddlers can color the pulp butterfly in and mark their garden with it, too—it's backyard compostable!

Butterfly Garden ($11.95)—Buy Here!

Hot Wheels Color Reveal, 2 Each

hot wheels cars in various colors
Hot Wheels

Use the barrel drum packaging as your dunk tank to fill with water and reveal the colors of the two included Hot Wheels. Then, dunk them in warm or icy-cold water to change their colors again!

Hot Wheels Color Reveal, 2 Each ($7.99)—Buy Here!

Butterfly 5" Playground Ball

Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek Playground Balls are famous for their beautiful prints that take the classic recess toy to a whole new level, like this darling butterfly print!

Butterfly 5" Playground Ball ($11.00)—Buy Here!

The Go Go Animals Tattoo Set


These are some of the coolest temporary tattoos around! Tattly's artist-designed tattoos are printed with vegetable-based ink, lasting (on average) 2-4 days!

The Go Go Animals Tattoo Set ($15.00)—Buy Here!

Flowers & Birds Umbrella


Have you ever seen a prettier umbrella? This is one they won't argue about carrying.

Flowers & Birds Umbrella ($12.50)—Buy Here!

Big Bubble Wands Set

set of various bubble wands

To be honest, we're still mesmerized by bubbles. This 18-piece set has everything you need for an activity that's fun for the whole family.

Big Bubble Wands Set ($15.99)—Buy Here!

Peter Rabbit with Carrot Plush

peter rabbit in carrot plush

If there's anything Peter Rabbit knows, it's carrots, so we think he's thrilled to get to cuddle up in his carrot pouch once playtime is over—they're two separate pieces!

Peter Rabbit with Carrot Plush ($18.00)—Buy Here!

Magic Rainbow Puzzle Track

rainbow track puzzle and little girl playing
Mud Puppy

This puzzle-like track lets little ones design routes for their toy cars and animals.

Magic Rainbow Puzzle Track ($29.00)—Buy Here!

Sticker WOW! Dog and Unicorn Bundle by Melissa & Doug

set of two sticker books
Melissa & Doug

These sticker stampers take activity books to new heights, and this set comes with both the unicorn- and dog-themed books!

Sticker WOW! Dog and Unicorn Bundle by Melissa & Doug ($23.99)—Buy Here!

Cool Quills Hedgehog Stuffed Animal

pastel colored stuffed hedgehog

These quills aren't just safe; they're super soft! Gift Cool Quills as-is, or personalize it the way you know Build-A-Bear can.

Cool Quills Hedgehog Stuffed Animal ($27.00)—Buy Here!

Sensory Play Jar

Glo Pals

Tap to change colors and make things even more fun by filling your Sensory Play Jar with Glo Pals' new magical Fun Fillers! Available in multiple colors, it's all locked up with a spill-proof lid and just requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). 

Sensory Play Jar ($20.00)—Buy Here!

Flip Easter Egg Plush Toy

set of 3 easter themed plush toys
Pottery Barn Kids

This egg-shaped plush that turns inside-out to reveal a fuzzy yellow chick or a furry white bunny.

Flip Easter Egg Plush Toy ($29.00)—Buy Here!

3pk Paint-Your-Own Easter Bunnies Wood Kit

set of 3 wooden rabbits and set of paints to decorate them

We love that these bunnies double as a craft project and future Easter decorations.

3pk Paint-Your-Own Easter Bunnies Wood Kit ($5.00)—Buy Here!

Toddler Euro Round Sunglasses by Babiators

redheaded little girl wearing round toddler sunglasses

It's never too early to start protecting their delicate eyes, and we're really digging these retro-inspired Euro Round frames (though they have a ton of different color and design options, too!). 

Toddler Euro Round Sunglasses by Babiators ($30.00)—Buy Here!

Spring Flowers Sticker Earrings

set of spring themed stick on earrings for kids
Great Pretenders

A whole month's worth of earrings—30 pairs!—so they can add some sparkle to their spring.

Spring Flowers Sticker Earrings ($3.99)—Buy Here!

Henry the Bunny

Cuddle Kind

Henry the Bunny isn't just another pretty face. Not only is he heirloom-quality and absolutely gorgeous, each doll from Cuddle + Kind provides 10 meals to kids in North America and around the world. Henry really can do everything! Available in 2 sizes.

Henry the Bunny ($72.00+)—Buy Here!

Funny Bunny Gift Set by Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint

Non toxic, odorless, and kiddo-friendly, these Peeps-hued nail polish colors dry in 1 minute!

Funny Bunny Gift Set by Piggy Paint ($19.13)—Buy Here!

Beanie Hoppy Hug Bundle


Kiwi the Beanie Ball and Peaches the Beanie Bellie are oh-so-soft and land on their feet no matter how they're tossed (don't worry. They love it.).

Beanie Hoppy Hug Bundle ($8.99)—Buy Here!



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