2022’s Best Advent Calendars for Kids, Adults & Families (Including Pets!)

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Counting down to the holidays just got more fun

There are tons of traditions when it comes to the holidays, but there’s one that is beyond easy to carry on throughout the years: the Advent calendar. If you can’t see yourself whipping up a DIY version, you’re in luck.

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There are plenty of pre-made and themed Advent calendars for everyone. From Harry Potter collectibles and LEGO bricks to spa products and gourmet chocolate, we’ve rounded up the best countdown calendars of the season that will get kids (and parents!) in the spirit in no time.

Best Advent calendars for LEGO-lovers

LEGO City Advent Calendar

Fans of those beloved bricks will love counting down the days by unboxing LEGO figures, mini-builds, and accessories behind every door—including beloved LEGO City Adventures TV series characters Billy, Maddy, Mr. Produce, Tippy, and Raze, plus a Santa minifigure. The set also comes with a snowy scene play mat on which kids can bring their LEGO pieces to life. (Ages 5+) 

Buy it at Target, $36. 

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

LEGO lovers need this advent to celebrate the season. Not only does it include minifigures like Luke Skywalker, but it also has 16 mini-builds! Countdown to Christmas by building an ARC-170 Starfighter, Bad Batch Shuttle, V-35 Landspeeder, and more. (Ages 6+)

Buy it at Target, $36. 

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Harry Potter enthusiasts will love this LEGO calendar, where they can actually recreate scenes from the films! The first three toys make a scene from the first movie, and so on and so forth until they reach the end. (Ages 7+)

Buy it on Target, $36. 

Best Advent Calendars for makers (and make-believers)

PLAYMOBIL Wiltopia DIY Advent Calendar

Calling all animal lovers! This unique set lets your kids make their advent calendar with stickers, markers, and miniature exotic animals from around the world! The set contains 24 surprise items including wild animals from all the continents. Fill each box per the included instructions or get creative and decide for yourself what to put inside. Then, decorate the set with the included stickers and personalize it with your child's name.

But that's not all! The box itself is also a puzzle: After revealing the surprise each day, flip the individual piece's box over to reveal part of an exotic wildlife scenery that will come together once all the boxes are flipped. (Ages 4+)

Buy it at Amazon, $50 

Hape Grand Station Advent Calendar

The fun never ends with this buildable train station calendar. Once opened, kids can put together wooden railway tracks, wooden trains, 3 figures (Station master, Passenger, Santa), a wooden snowman, a wooden Christmas tree, a wooden gift pack, 3 plastic traffic marks, a plastic bridge, a plastic connection, plastic bag, and 1 station master traffic sign. Then just unfold the box, which transforms into a Christmas scene. (Ages 3+)

Buy it on Uncommon Goods, $40. 

Arts & Crafts Season Creations Advent Calendar

This seasonal day-by-day craft kit lets your kids unbox and make 24 seasonal crafts they can use as ornaments to hang on the tree. From beaded candy canes to yarn pom-poms, and cardboard reindeer to no-sew stockings—makers ages nine and up will be able to do all of these projects on their own (and younger artists can do it all with parental supervision). 

Buy it at Target, $40

Best Advent calendar for kids who love cars

Micro Machines 2022 Holiday Advent Calendar

Car-crazed kids will want to tear through this advent calendar containing 25 days' worth of "Vroom Vroom" fun, including 14 Micro Machine mini vehicles and 11 accessories. There's also a racetrack to put together, so little drivers will have a place to race. The 2" Micro Machines figures include cars, a plane, trucks, and more. (Ages 4+)

Buy it on Amazon, $40. 

Best candy-filled Advent calendars

Sugarfina's 24 Tastes of Christmas Calendar

Sugarfina's candy is sweet enough for the kids but unique enough in its flavors that grown-ups will want to get a taste, too! The gourmet candy company's Gingerbread House Advent Calendar offers a 24-day tasting of the candy company's gourmet candy collection, with a fun array of offerings from Apple Frogs and Peach Hearts to Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and Sprinkle Cookies. The best part? Each numbered drawer contains four candies, so your kids better be ready to share!

Buy it at Amazon, $60. 

Kinder Joy Christmas Calendar

If your kids love chocolate and have trouble taking turns—this two-pack of Kinder Advent Calendars is the way to go (or—shhh—you just keep one for yourself!). Each calendar has 24 days of pre-wrapped melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate by the Italian confectionery company Ferrero. The only downside? There's just one piece per day, so that extra calendar may just come in handy.

Buy it on Amazon, $14. 

Best Toy-Filled Advent Calendars

Mini Brands Disney Store Advent Calendar

Mini Brands take all the things kids love—toys and snacks—and make them super-small for collecting and trading! This year's ZURU's popular advent calendar is basically a megapack of Disney Store Mini Brands, which (in case you weren't familiar with the craze) are just tiny replicas of real Disney Store products. The 1 to 2-inch-sized toys are mostly just for collecting—they're in perfectly-miniaturized display boxes and meant to stay that way—but they're so impressively shrunken that kids will want to collect them all. The set features 24 Minis—including three exclusive replicas that can only be found in the advent calendar. (Ages 4+)

Pssst: There's a food-based Mini Brands advent calendar as well if your kids would rather collect tiny cans of Pringles or little tubs of Wholly Guacamole.

Buy it at Target, $30. 

Moj Moj The Original Party Pack with 24 Surprises

Kids will love unboxing and squeezing all 24 of these soft, squishy collectible figures. The gift box doesn't call itself an advent calendar; just 24 individually punch-boxed surprises for kids to discover as they wish. Play it as a game using the included dice that tell you which box to open next—or do it nightly as a holiday countdown. Either way, the adorable squishies inside are impossible not to love (or at least, squeeze). (Ages 5+)

Buy it on Amazon, $34. 

L.O.L Surprise Advent Calendar

Love them or hate them, L.O.L Dolls aren't going anywhere (and, chances are, your little fashionistas are in the "Love them" category). This new calendar is basically a giant L.O.L Doll Surprise itself. The box contains 24 individual surprises, including an exclusive L.O.L Surprise collectible doll plus 24 different outfits and accessories for daily outfit changes. The box can be used as a traditional Advent calendar—or just give it as a gift and let your LOL fanatic go wild. (Ages 4+)

Buy it at Amazon, $33. 

Best Kids’ book collection calendars

Marvel: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2022

Avengers assemble! This Marvel-themed advent means your superheroes can read a new story every day leading up to Christmas. (Ages 3+)

Buy it on Amazon, $29.

Disney Princess: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2022

Let the magic begin! Behind each door lies a 24-page small paperback book with either a holiday or everyday-themed story about your favorite Disney princesses. (Ages 2+)

Buy it on Amazon, $29. 

Best Advent calendars for little kids

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Bathtime Fun

Perfect for toddlers 18 months and up, this splashtastic advent calendar makes bath time fun. Once all the doors have been opened, your kids will have tons of figures, marine animals, boats, and more to create all sorts of water adventures. (Ages 1 1/2 and up)

Buy it on Amazon, $41. 

Paw Patrol Holiday Advent Calendar Countdown

Paw Patrol is on a roll with this adorable advent calendar filled with collectible dogs from the beloved show. Every day, kids will be able to unbox a different character and accessory, with all of their favorite pups represented—plus extras to help with the storytelling, including a Christmas tree, a sledding hill, a chimney, and a fireplace facade (for Santa!), and other seasonal pieces. (Ages 3+)

Buy it on Amazon, $41.

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

Truth: Kids who love Play-Doh can't get enough of the squishy stuff. This advent calendar offers a standalone tub plus fun accessories (like tools, cutters, and accessories) for each of the 24 days before Christmas. The box also has tear-off play mats with snowman and gingerbread scenes so kids can use their imaginations to create wintery stories or enhance the scenes (surprises from days 1 through 12 complete the snowman scene; surprises in days 13 through 24 to complete the gingerbread scene). (Ages 3+)

Buy it on Amazon, $18. 

Best Advent calendars for collectors

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter

It’s Happy Christmas with this Funko Pop! calendar. Coming with 24 characters maxing out at 1.87 inches tall, this Harry Potter-themed advent comes with plenty of Pocket Pops to complete your collection. (Ages 6+)

Buy it on Amazon, $45. 

National Geographic Rocks, Minerals & Fossils Calendar

Help your kid be a bonafide rock star with this advent calendar that offers a different rock, mineral, or fossil every day for 25 days. The polished specimens include geode; pyrite, blue and rose quartz; tiger's eye; brachiopod, and more. The final day's treasure is a stunning rose quartz specimen that kids will dig out of a brick. Dig tool, brush, magnifying glass, and collector's bag included, plus an illustrated gallery that identifies and describes each specimen.  

Buy it on Amazon, $30

2022 Coin Advent Calendar

Coin collecting may be a thing of the past—Let's change that! Get your kids excited about coins with this advent calendar that offers a different coin for the 24 days leading to Christmas (or whenever your collectors want to unwrap them). The calendar includes 2022 releases, classic U.S. coins, plus four world coins from four countries. An exclusively colorized "Merry Christmas" quarter is included (only available with this set!). Each coin comes in a 2" x 2" holder with an identification card. 

Buy it at Littleton Coin Company, $65. 

Best Advent calendars the whole family can enjoy

Family Games Advent Calendar

Make every night in December Game Night! This advent calendar lets you unbox a different family game for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. The collection includes dice games such as Farkle and Yatzy; party games such as Truth or Dare, Balloon Volleyball, and Tag-in-the-Dark; nostalgic games such as Marbles and Pick-up Sticks; brain teasers such as "Find It" and Tangram; and classics such as Dominoes, Tic-Tac-Toe, and War. 

Buy it at Target, $40. 

Skillmatics Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar 2022

There is nothing this advent calendar doesn’t have! It’s packed with a personal Christmas tree to decorate and 24 small boxes that contain stickers, card games, or fun activities. In all, kids will have 60 Sticker Sheets (200+ Christmas Stickers), four card games, and one Instruction Manual.

Buy it on Amazon, $30. 

My Kindness Calendar

Countdown to Christmas––the kind way. My Kindness Advent Calendar encourages kiddos to give, rather than receive as they prepare for Christmas. Each kit comes with a reusable calendar, 25 reusable stickers plus 5 customizable stickers that can be used year after year. Stickers include thoughtful ideas like “making cookies for a neighbor” and “give a toy to a child in need.”

Buy it at MyKindnessCalendar for $68 CAD ($47 USD). 

Best classic Advent calendars

Classic Santa Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

This handcrafted calendar will quickly become a family tradition. It’s made in a Fair Trader Certified factory with embroidered details, 25 pockets, and adorable pom poms and fringe.

Buy it at Pottery Barn Kids, $100. 

American Girl Pop-Up Advent Calendar

This elegant pop-up advent calendar from American Girl lets kids unbox a foldable tree and then—day by day—adorn it with the faces of AG dolls. Each of the 25 perforated compartments is filled with displayable ornaments featuring 12 American Girl characters and their beloved animal companions, from Melody's pet dog Bo to Samantha's teddy bear. There is also a 28-page softcover guidebook with true tales about American Girls throughout history—and the ways in which they celebrate the season.

Buy it at Amazon, $40. 

Best Advent calendars for grown-ups

Godiva Holiday Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar

Put the kids to bed and sit down with your own advent this year. Godiva’s luxury calendar includes an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolates that you’ll want to hide from the kids.

Buy it at Amazon, $30. 

Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine

Vinebox’s wine advent calendar is back! This year pick from two 12-day options: Holi-DAY box made up of “crisp, bright and vibrant wines” or the ’Twas the Night box that comes with “bold, silky and rich selections.”

Buy it at Vinebox, $129. 

12 Morning of Coffee Bean Box Advent


Welcome in the holidays with a warm cup of joe! Bean Box’s advent comes with 12 limited-edition 2022 Holiday Blends that brews four to six mugs each. Choose from whole bean or blended, and then enjoy specialty coffee the whole season.

Buy it at Bean Box, $64. 

Cheers Around the World Wine Advent Calendar

2022 advent calendars

Oh, hello 24, 187ml bottles of wine! Tasters will be treated to quarter bottles from places like Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Rioja and enjoy Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, rosé, Port, and a half bottle of Prosecco.

Buy it at WSJ, $150.

Harry & David Holiday Advent Calendar with Treats

This wood advent with drawers can be used for many years after you enjoy the treats from this 2022 calendar. Each one comes packed with milk and dark chocolate, truffles, and plenty of shortbread cookies.

Buy it at Harry & David, $150. 

Body Shop's Share the Love Big Advent Calendar

Want to wow Mom with a gift that keeps on giving? This "Beauty Advent Calendar" comes in a gorgeous gift box that unfolds to reveal 24 small mini presents to unwrap. The goods include things like a full-sized tub of Avocado Body Butter for nourishing dry skin; a Vitamin E Sheet Mask for a glowy complexion, and a Coconut Bath Bubble that'll be perfect for that long-awaited day that Mom has time to slip into the tub. 

Buy it at TheBodyShop, $90. 

Happy Socks 24 Days of Holiday Socks Gift Set


What dad doesn't need a nice new pair of funky socks? Papa will be keeping his tootsies toasty all month long with this colorful advent calendar that gifts him a new pair of Happy Socks every day for 24 days. The box comes with a mix of holiday socks, dotted socks, striped socks—and a slew of others that are supposed to be a surprise (Bananas socks, dachshund socks, and sandwich socks are all possibilities!). They have a reinforced heel and toe and are made of organic combed cotton, so they're as comfy as they are stylish.  

Buy it at HappySocks, $260. 

Best Calendars for your furry family members

Wufers Advent Cookie Calendar for Dogs

advent calendar for dogs

Why should your dog have to watch while you and the kids have all the fun? This adorably-designed advent calendar comes with perforated bone-shaped cut-outs with 24 treats your pup will love. Each treat is so perfectly frosted and sprinkled to look like "real" Christmas cookies, that you should probably keep them away from little ones who might want a nibble (but even if they did take a bite, the treats are all made with safe, human-grade ingredients like peanut butter, apples and cinnamon). They're pricy little dog cookies, but the company stands behind the wholesome, quality ingredients—and thinks your dog deserves them! 

Buy it at Amazon, $60. 

Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food Advent Calendar

Meow! Treat your fur baby with this fun calendar for the holidays. It comes with Twenty 3 oz. Fancy Feast Gourmet Wet Cat Food and four Savory Cravings Cat Treat boxes.

Buy it on Amazon, $30. 

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