The Best Trader Joe’s Food for Your Air Fryer

Trader Joe's air fryer foods like samosas are delicious. istock

These tiny tacos, carrot coins, and crispy apps are even better when you cook them up in the air fryer

Having an air fryer was a big deal a few years ago, but you may find yourself fresh out of ideas for whipping up dinner that everyone hasn’t eaten 100 times by now. There are only so many times you can “fry” up zucchini sticks, after all. That’s where your favorite neighborhood market steps in to save the day. From Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken in the air fryer to Trader Joe’s mac and cheese bites, there are tons of quick ways to put a new twist on your favorite frozen foods when you have an air fryer to work with. Get ready to get inspired with these Trader Joe’s air fryer foods just in time for Super Bowl Sunday (or any night you need a quick dinner solution!).


Mini Chicken Tikka Samosas

Trader Joe's air fryer food like Samosas are delicious
Kate Loweth

Sure, you can pop these in a conventional oven, or you can toss them in the air fryer for an extra crispy take on Tikka Samosas.

Southwest Style Chicken Quesadilla

Kate Loweth

Nab yourself some guac and cook these babies up in the air fryer for a quick lunch the whole family will love. 

Ratatouille Bites

Kate Loweth

These veggie-forward bites are lovely crisped up in your air fryer and then dunked in some tzatziki sauce. Trust us. The kids won't even catch on that they're packed with veggies. 

Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries

Kate Loweth

You know that ketchup sprinkles everyone is raving about? Shake some on these fries after they've had some time in the air fryer to crisp up. No dipping sauce needed. 

Fried Olive Bites

Not a fan of olives? You will be after air frying these olive bites that are packed with cheese. Yum and yum. 

Colorful Carrot Coins

Kate Loweth

Have a sweet craving but looking to go more healthy? These colorful carrots are a quick air fryer option and a great way to test out all those dips that TJs is known for. 

Herbs de Provence Potato Wedges

Kate Loweth

If you haven't tried these savory bites, definitely add them to your rotation when you cook up a steak on the grill. The air fryer does wonders for its crispy outside and soft inside. 

Mini Beef Tacos

Trader Joe's air fryer food like mini beef tacos are good for the Super Bowl or any weeknight
Kate Loweth

Keep these mini favorites (and their twin sister the chicken version) on hand for when the kid hangry hits. They cook up in a flash via the air fryer and you'll have happy kids in no time. 

Tempura Shrimp

You can never go wrong with extra crispy tempura and these shrimp will come out finger lickin' good.

Mac & Cheese Bites

Put Trader Joe's mac and cheese bites in the air fryer

If you haven't tried Trader Joe's mac and cheese bites in the air fryer, you don't know what you're missing. 

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Avoid the nastiness that is a soggy spring roll when you pop these babies in the air fryer. Sweet ginger sauce is its BFF. 

Scallion Pancakes

Brighten up the flavor in a big way by tossing Trader Joe's scallion pancakes in the air fryer for crispy perfection. They go great with the mandarin orange chicken or really are pretty much the best at any time. 

Cauliflower Pancakes

Sneak in that cauliflower with no problemo by serving these air fried.

Trader Joe’s Air Fryer Entrees

Impossible Chicken Nuggets

Trader Joe's air fryer food like impossible chicken nuggets are good for dinner

It's darn near impossible to not love these after they've taken a trip in the air fryer.

Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken

Put Trader Joe's orange chicken in the air fryer

This dish has long been a fan-fave product, but air frying it? It's next-level delish.

Breaded Fried Ravioli

Trader Joe's fried ravioli in the air fryer is delicious.

Toss Trader Joe's fried ravioli in an air fryer for an extra crisp taste that will definitely be a crowd-pleasure.

Additional reporting by Karly Wood


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