Our favorite kids alarm clocks will help kick morning battles to the curb

Whether it’s a school day or the weekend, having a solid morning routine for the kids is crucial. Help them start the day off right with their very own kids alarm clock! We found awesome time-telling devices including the viral Hatch Rest Gen 2 and a LEGO alarm clock. Pick your favorite and then check out these make-ahead breakfasts to keep the morning chaos to a minimum. 



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This alarm clock, affectionately known as Clocky, rolls away so that your child has to go and find him to turn it off. Talk about a wake-up call.

alarm clocks for kids tot clock alarm

My Tot Clock


Recommended by Baby Gear Lab, this toddler clock has all the bells and whistles of a sleep-training alarm clock. There are five colors: Blue for BedTime, Yellow for WakeTime, Cyan for NapTime, Green for FunTime, and Red for Thinking Time/Timeout. The faceplate can be swapped out for another fun design (sold separately), it plays white noise, music and bedtime stories and has a weekend wake time, parental controls, and more!


Kids Digital Alarm Clock


With seven different colors, eight different ring tones, and an LED display, this is a great alarm clock for kids learning how to sleep alone. The colors can be used to help kids know when it's okay to get out of bed, and the ring tones can be used for sleep support when kids are trying to fall asleep at night.


Hatch Rest 2nd Gen


The name says it all. This all-in-one device from Hatch is your sound machine, your night light, and your sleep training alarm clock, so it'll take you from a newborn to a toddler who needs to learn when it's okay to get up. There's a toddler lock and it works with the Hatch Baby app via Bluetooth, so you can adjust the sound level, length of the sound, the brightness of light and more, all from the living room while baby sleeps. It even grows with your little one, so it's perfect for all stages!

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Gro Clock


Expect swaddles, sleepsacks, light and sound sleep aids with this Gro Clock, which shows your kids awake and sleep times with displays of sun (to indicate awake time) and moon and stars (to indicate when it's time to sleep). The clock features an adjustable screen brightness and the option to set two different wake-up times: one for the weekday/weekend and the other for nighttime/naptime.


Tock the Learning Clock


Preschoolers can now tell time…to the beat! With two learning modes, Tock the Learning Clock from Learning Resources chimes in with dance party tunes for every right answer and also prompts kids to match the hands to a digital display of the time. Extra perks include a nightlight and “okay to wake” light if you need to make sure dance parties don’t kick off too early.

Big Red Rooster

Puppy Training Clock


We're not sure what we like more about this alarm clock. The fact that it's an adorable puppy dog, that it has a hidden compartment so your kid can't mess with the settings, or that it's got both wake-up and a nap timer, which is perfect for weekends or days home from preschool. Set the time for when you want the green ball to light up, and watch your kid go from a too-early riser to a right-on-time tot.

alarm clock for kids mella alarm clock

MELLA All-in-One Clock


Using fun colors and facial expressions, this all-in-one clock from Little Hippo does it all: sleep trainer, nightlight, alarm clock and sound machine. Available in arctic blue, blush pink, bright purple and new color tropical teal.

alarm clocks for kids telly the time telling clock
The Learning Journey

Telly the Teaching Time Alarm Clock


A fun face and the option of switching between digital and analog are just a few of the reasons why your kids will enjoy having Telly the Time Telling clock on their bedside table. There's also a quiz mode that asks little ones to move the hands to the time requested, and a digital display lights up at night to keep kiddos company.

alarm clocks for kids okay to wake alarm clock
Play Monster

OK to Wake! Alarm Clock


This best-seller helps teach young kids about when it's okay to get out of bed. The 4.5" bedside clock glows green when it's okay to get up, a snooze option, a nap timer and fun animations. It's a snap for parents to program and the new version comes with a USB cord for homes equipped with USB wall plugs.

Alarm Clocks for Kids Betus Non-Ticking Alarm Clock

Betus Non-Ticking Robot Clock


These friendly robots not only give kids a lesson in telling time—old school style—but the bright colors and geometric design are an easy way to add a stylish feature to your little one’s abode. They are also ideal for light sleepers because the clock operates without the usual tick-tock sound.

Pottery Barn Kids

Light Up Unicorn Digital Clock


A little magic never hurts when it comes to the morning wake-up call. Made from soft silicone and plastic, the large digital display and easy-set buttons are perfect for kids who are just beginning to tell time. It features the time, day, month, and the face lights up in four different glowing colors.


Lego Alarm Clock


This Legends of Chima Laval LEGO Alarm Clock is perfect for kids who love the collection. There's an alarm and snooze function and also a back light!


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