If all things space are on your little explorer’s radar, we’ve found a few out-of-this-world projects to send him into orbit. From cute coffee filter aliens to spinning spaceships, your littles will love these 10 extraterrestrial crafts which keep their minds engaged, and their hands active. Scroll down for intergalactic fun and remember, “Live Long and Prosper!”

photo: Tammy Dube via Housing a Forest

1. Little Green Men
Blast off with adorable alien art! Tammy Dube cleverly uses washable markers and coffee filters to create colorful, bright green, three-eyed aliens that’ll make an afternoon move at the speed of light. Want to know more? Follow the how-to at Housing a Forest.

photo: Kristina via Toddler Approved

2. Easy Space Explorers
Alien artwork makes a big bang with the tots. This project is easy on cleanup, so file it under “awesome,” and thank Kristina over at Toddler Approved. Get the directions here.

photo: Marylea via Pink and Green Mama

3. Furry Space Friends
Soft and furry, this craft is a regular intergalactic party; and you want to know the best part? Three items is all you’ll need to get the kids started on their own cute space critters. Skedaddle over to Pink and Green Mama for the full instructions.

photo: Kylie Rayner via Our Worldwide Classroom

4. Unidentified Flying Objects
Any tot who wants to head for the farthest galaxy will dig doing fly-bys with sparkly spacecrafts. We love the way Kylie Rayner uses paper, paint, and glitter to create these shiny flying spaceships. Check out the directions at Our Worldwide Classroom.

photo: Jessica Amey via Let’s Do Something Crafty

5. Upcycled Aliens
You can think outside the spacecraft with a fun upcycled alien adventure. Astronauts-in-training will not only be helping the environment, but will have interplanetary fun too! Find out what Jessica Amey of Let’s Do Something Crafty uses for the bodies of this clever craft by clicking here.

photo: Trisha Stanley via Inspiration Laboratories

6. TP to E.T.
This simple space creature craft is the brainchild of Trisha Stanley over at Inspiration Laboratories. Maybe the easiest E.T. on our list to recreate, it doesn’t take rocket science to whip up a few of your own, using stuff found around the house.

photo: Lier at ikat bag

7. Lights in the Sky
We love this futuristic spaceship!  You can add paint, plastic, and popsicle sticks to a circular shape (can you guess what material made the UFO body?), and create a manned spaceship ready for blastoff. We salute Lier at ikat bag for her imagination. Go here for the instructions.

photo: Jamie Reiner via Hands On As We Grow

8. Stringy Space Creatures
Little hands can get active with this basic craft by Jamie Reiner at Hands On As We Grow. String, puff balls, googly eyes, and lots of elbow grease will get your sweet spaceman excited about these stringy creatures. Head over to Hands On As We Grow for the details.

photo: Allison via No Time For Flashcards

9. Take Us to Your Crafty Leader
Your little trekkie can channel E.T. when making this alien dress up headband we spotted over at No Time For Flashcards. Make it your mission to look up this craft by clicking here.

photo: Jeanette Nyberg via Craftwhack

10. We Come in Peace Portraits
We love these alien portraits from Jeanette Nyberg over at Craftwhack. It will take more than few more steps to complete this outer-worldly craft, but the result is worth the effort! Lift-off to Craftwhack for instructions.

What alien craft do you find outta this world? Share with us in a Comment below!

—Nikki Walsh

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