Alyssa Milano Shares Her Favorite Products for Family Travel

Whether you’ve seen her on ABC’s Mistresses, the WB’s Charmed or — flashback alert — Who’s the Boss, Alyssa Milano has surely grabbed your attention. Now get to know a different, more personal, side of the hit actress. She’s mom to two-year-old Milo, who is a big part of her life, even when she’s traveling for work. (Milo was on the set of Mistresses with Alyssa every day she filmed.)

We chatted with Alyssa and she dished about how she balances her hot career with her equally busy role as a parent: “Every day is a new experiment,” she says. “I was a very Type A personality before having my child. I liked everything to be a certain way and was very much a perfectionist. I’m grateful for all my son is teaching me … to be present and in the moment.”

Turns out, there are products that help her do this, and make life more relaxed and fun when she’s on the road with Milo. Read on for the scoop.

Graco Low-Range Baby Monitor
Alyssa likes to keep tabs on Milo, but has a low-key approach. “I don’t do the video screen {thing},” she says. “I tried when Milo was first born and became obsessed with looking at the monitor.”

Homeopathic Medicine Kit
A love of natural remedies spurs Alyssa to pack this when traveling. “I pack herbs and homeopathic medicines for everything from teething to bumps to bruises to whatever cold we could possibly pick up,” she says.

White Noise Machine & Fully Loaded iPod
Both things cancel bad noise out and let relaxing sounds in. “I have an iPod that’s filled with his music,” says Alyssa. “It has Jewel’s lullaby CD — that’s our bath time music — and also The Beatles, a beautiful lullaby compilation from Africa, a Dean Martin lullaby album, and some of the Rockabye Baby CDs … like “Baby Coldplay.”

Skincare Products & Shampoo
Alyssa’s beauty essentials include Corrective Skincare products, which come from a small company out of Utah; and WEN shampoo, created by L.A. hairstylist Chaz Dean.

Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher
Febreze’s new spray for sheets, pillows and blankets is part of the first line of scents designed specifically for the bedroom. It helps Alyssa get her beauty sleep. “Lavender relaxes me,” she says.

Her Dad’s PJs
“When I was seven months pregnant, my dad gave me his pajamas. They are the coziest things and I still wear them every night,” says Alyssa.

Go ahead — steal Alyssa’s secrets for what to bring on the road. And if you want to see her heat up the small screen, watch episodes of Mistresses online at

Do you favorite products of your own to share? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Kelly Aiglon

Photos: ©(ABC/BOB D’AMICO), Graco, k14 on Flickr creative commons, Febreze Sleep Serenity


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