You’ll never outgrow your desire for a tree house escape. So put your head in the clouds gazing at these amazing lofty abodes (you can even visit a few to turn your dreams into reality!). From ducking into a Hobbit home in the Black Hills to sleeping amidst the mango trees in Bali, one glance at these sky high retreats may send you globetrotting. Scroll through our slideshow and watch your wanderlust soar to new heights!

The 7th Room

Located a lofty ten meters up in the pines, this amazing modern retreat sleeps five and boasts panoramic views and skylights for viewing the magnificent northern lights. The designers of The 7th Room included a brilliant 'experience level' that consists of a terrace made of net which allows pine to grow and spread through it so visitors can climb onto it and either look down below to the forest floor or lie on it to gaze up at the starry sky.

Photo: Johan Jansson

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—Beth Shea, Christal Yuen & Lauren Hill


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