This Amazon Package Takes the Cake—the Birthday Cake

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It doesn’t take a Prime Day special to get most of us on Amazon and shopping—especially Emily McGuire. And, based on the birthday cake he chose for her, McGuire’s husband knows it!

The avid Amazon shopper clearly adores the online marketplace. The mom to three and photographer admitted to Cafe Mom, that she orders twice to three times a week. With all the boxes arriving on her doorstep, her sweet S.O. ordered a custom Amazon box-shaped cake for McGuire’s bday.

Not only did the cake’s shape take on the brown cardboard box form, but it also included a USPS label (adorably labeled to McGuire at 123 Birthday Lane) and the signature Amazon Prime packing tape.

McGuire recently posted pics of the cake on her business’ Facebook page, writing, “When you order a lot from get an Amazon box cake.” Judging by the photos, we can certainly say this Amazon box takes the cake!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Emily McGuire Photography via Facebook



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