These are the Amazon Halloween decorations for anyone who doesn’t like Halloween decorations

We get it. Maybe you’re not the Halloween inflatables type. Sound effects might make you cringe. Anything bright orange or neon green is a definite “no”. Say no more; we totally understand. While we get that Halloween is typically for the kiddos—and we love seeing them dressed up (and maybe stealing the Dark Chocolate Milky Ways from their candy pail after they go to bed because they won’t miss them, okay?)—decorations around this time of year can be a little much. And if you like “a little much”? Great! We fully support that. But if you’re someone who wants to tone it down, or make it all feel a little more stylized, these Amazon Halloween decorations are going to be right up your alley.

Forget day-glo orange or ghosts hanging from trees, if that’s not your thing. These are just as fun, but it a more delicate way. Basically? Not cheesy. Of course, you can always incorporate these goodies with the bright and in-your-face decor, too. You’re supposed to make it all your own, afterall. Check out these 19 picks for non-cheesy Amazon Halloween decorations and create your own haunted house.

Solar Swaying Garden Lights with Spiders and Bats


These sway and shimmy with a Halloween-perfect purple light that's solar-powered. Each spider and bat is mounted on a wire stem, so the breeze makes them twinkle and move. They're also waterproof and come in a "plain" purple option, too—round bulbs you can leave up year.

Solar Swaying Garden Lights with Spiders and Bats ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Crackle Ceramic Ghosts—Set of 3


As pretty as they are festive, these ceramic ghosts come in multi-finish (pictured) or white and gold!

Crackle Ceramic Ghosts—Set of 3 ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Black & White LED Candles—Set of 3


Considering how many LED candle sets are out there, having a 4.7 rating from almost 2,000 Amazon customers is a big deal. These come with a remote to set the mood however you want them, without the real flame!

Black & White LED Candles—Set of 3 ($18.99)—Buy Here!

Cream-Colored Pumpkins


We love these, not only because they aren't the classic orange (not that there's anything wrong with that, but because they have a stone-like finish that feels very Pottery Barn. There are also a lot of other colors to choose from, including navy, rose gold, bronze, and more! Comes in a set of 7 in assorted sizes.

Cream-Colored Pumpkins ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Burgundy Faux Roses


If you're into a gothic Halloween vibe, these burgundy faux roses arranged in a vase, jar, or laid out on the table are definitely a goth vibe. They also come in black, orange, and red.

Burgundy Faux Roses ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Mercury Glass LED Pumpkin


With a design created to resemble all the reflections of mercury glass and filled with fairy lights, this pumpkin is gourdgeous!

Mercury Glass LED Pumpkin ($25.99)—Buy Here!

Black Feather Wreath


Skip the orange leaves and head straight for this eerie feather wreath! It's definitely more of an indoor decoration, so hang it above the fireplace or lay it flat on a tabletop. 

Black Feather Wreath ($21.99)—Buy Here!

Lenox 4-pc Halloween Dessert Plate Set


Halloween is allllll about the sweets, so you'll want to have dessert plates on hand. These are perfect for serving, displaying, or both!

Lenox 4-pc Halloween Dessert Plate Set ($39.95)—Buy Here!

Black & Orange Chevron Pennant Banner


Add some festive color to the fireplace, porch, or windows with this rustic banner.

Black & Orange Chevron Pennant Banner ($7.33)—Buy Here!

Black Pumpkin Votive Candle Holders Set of 6


Each one of these 6 tea light holders has a different frightening face that glows when in use! But they actually look really look great even without a light inside.

Black Pumpkin Votive Candle Holders Set of 6 ($20.99)—Buy Here!

Black & White Rope Spiderwebs 2pk


First, we obviously appreciate a pack of 2. But although spiderwebs could definitely be heading into the 'cheesy' realm, these are minimalistic and aren't made of stringy pull-apart fabric. 

Black & White Rope Spiderwebs 2pk ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Set of Crow Figures


Crows are spooky for some reason—maybe they look menacing? Maybe because of Hitchcock? Regardless, we love them, and these lifelike crows come in sets—uh, flocks—of 2, 5, 0r 6, which, oddly enough, are currently all the same price. 

Set of Crow Figures ($15.99)—Buy Here!

Haunted House Lantern


This is a more subtle decoration, since the silhouette isn't as prominent unless it's lit up, but it does have a cool brushed finish you can see in daylight.

Haunted House Lantern ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Lace Table Runner


This is so pretty, you could leave it out all year. It's available in 2 sizes, too.

Lace Table Runner ($4.79)—Buy Here!

Moon Wall Sconces


Nothing like a moon for Halloween! These sconces are (yes, again) super easy to leave up after the holiday.

Moon Wall Sconces ($23.97)—Buy Here!

Birdcage Pillar Candle Holders Set of 2


We know. Again with the birds. But we aren't sorry because how cool are these?!

Birdcage Pillar Candle Holders Set of 2 ($30.98)—Buy Here!

Mushroom Tea Towels Set of 2


A forest-at-night vibe in the kitchen? Sign us up.

Mushroom Tea Towels Set of 2 ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Edgar Allan Poe Poem Cabinet


One of the original Halloween-appropriate poets, Poe is a favorite! It's also such a cool rustic piece that can be displayed on the wall or leaning against it.

Edgar Allan Poe Poem Cabinet ($36.97)—Buy Here!

Crystal Ball 3in.


This mini version of the 'classic' crystal ball makes it an ideal Halloween decoration.

Crystal Ball 3in. ($29.98)—Buy Here!




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