How Can You Save Time Cleaning Your Home with Amazon?

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Between carpool, Girl Scouts, basketball practice, swimming lessons and everything else you have to do, sometimes (or most of the time) cleaning completely falls off your to-do list. If cleaning isn’t your fave, or you just don’t have time to fit in a deep whole-home scrub, Amazon wants to help.

Along with your order of wash cloths, comfy socks, t’s and toys for the kiddos, you can also order a whole-home cleaning via Amazon—and here’s how.

photo: Klimkin via Pixabay

Start with a visit to Amazon’s “House Cleaning” page. This is where you’ll find all the cleaning services the e-tailer can connect you to. These include general house cleaning, deep cleaning/spring cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, tile and floor grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and stone floor restoration.

Select your service to get complete info on what the service includes, how long the service will take and how to schedule an appointment. For a whole-home cleaning you’ll select the size of your home and what type of cleaning products you prefer—customer-provided, eco-friendly or standard. Other services ask additional questions, such as how many windows you have (for window cleaning) or the square-footage of your home.

While Amazon staff member don’t actually clean your home, they do pick out the “best service providers” in your area.

House cleaning isn’t the only in-home service Amazon offers! You can also connect with furniture assembly, home improvement and handyman services on Amazon, too.

—Erica Loop



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