Amazon Just Dropped an All-New Tablet, Exclusively for Older Kids

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Have a kid? They’re probably into screens. Of course, we are too, because technology expands our world, connects us and is fun! If you love the latest and greatest like us, you already know the tech gurus at Amazon make impossibly good tablets for younger kids, ages 3-7, with their line of Fire Kids tablets. Good news: Now we don’t have to be bummed once they age out of this innovative device—Amazon is rolling out all-new tablets that are tailored to older kids, ages 6-12! Amazon has our backs, too, because if you have a Fire Kids tablet, you can upgrade to Fire Kids Pro through the Amazon Trade-In program with a 20 percent discount. Read on to learn more about what makes the new Fire Kids Pro tablet line jaw-droppingly cool.

Learn more about the all-new Amazon Fire Kids Pro tablet and shop now!

Cool Tech for Big Kids

The all-new Fire Kids Pro tablets for kids ages 6 to 12, come with a 7-inch, 8-inch HD or 10-inch HD screen. You can expect these new tablets to look less like a toy compared to the original line for younger kids. The protective case is slimmer (dare we say, cooler?) and includes a kickstand to prop up the tablet and a home screen that looks more like the one you’d use. Aside from the grown-up look and feel, the available content is geared towards the older set, too, with a wider selection just for them (including music!).

Smart(er) Web Browser

More independence for them with less worry for you: The Fire Kids Pro web browser includes a setting that gives kids open but filtered access to the web. Now they can explore on their own with guardrails, research for a school project, or just chill out with a favorite movie. Bottom line: This tablet is now multi-functional and super practical! 

Profiles with Fire Kids Pro offer three levels of restrictions: limited, moderate and full. By default, the tablets use moderate restrictions, with tighter filters on web browsing and no access to in-app purchases or expanded content. Built-in controls are designed to help filter out inappropriate sites and you can block specific sites as you see fit. And there is another ally on your side—the Parent Dashboard! Here you can set time limits, see what sites they're visiting and for how long, establish learning goals, set a bedtime, block or allow specific sites and more—so you (are still) the boss.

Expanded Amazon Kids+ Content

Fire Kids Pro comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which includes a huge selection of premium entertainment and educational content that older kids are drawn to. Kids can choose from thousands of apps, songs, Audible books, games including Teen Titans Go and Asphalt 8, books like Keeper of the Lost Cities and Chronicles of Narnia, PG and PG-13 videos hand-selected by the Amazon Kids team, plus educational content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO® and more.

In addition to Kids+ content, Fire Kids Pro tablets include access to a digital store so kids can request apps like Disney+, Spotify, Minecraft, Zoom and more. Once their request is sent, parents have the final say, approving purchases and downloads. 

Fire Kids Pro also includes a music row with stations like iHeartRadio Family. Kids can choose from an array of curated playlists like Acoustic for Kids and Homework Inspiration, as well as live radio stations—rock on!

Learn more about the all-new Amazon Fire Kids Pro tablet and shop now!

Video & Voice Calling

Hot feature alert: Kids can stay in touch and on top of school projects with the Fire Kids Pro, by making and receiving voice and video calls over Wi-Fi! This feature is available for kids to call contacts with a Fire Kids tablet, Alexa-enabled device, or the Alexa app. Parents have to approve the contacts and have visibility into calling history. Now kids can easily chat with friends to collaborate on homework or stay in touch with family. Kids can make announcements like “I’m done with my homework” from the tablet to Alexa-enabled devices at home—pretty cool, Amazon!

You Are in Control

Yes, this is a “more mature” tablet, but it comes with parental controls so you can customize your kid's experience, no matter where you are! With Amazon's Parent Dashboard you can control options from anywhere and make changes to access, view their activities, set time limits and more, all through your desktop or mobile phone without touching the tablet.

The Fire Kids Pro tablet is smart tech that grows with them, by adjusting the parental control preference as your kids age up. Why does that matter? It makes this device super flexible, fitting all types of parenting styles and kids' ages! You can also approve or deny purchases from the digital store. Kids can request apps from the digital store, then parents review requests and grant approval to app download or purchase, so no surprise charges—now you can let your kids explore without stressing about what they're doing and where they're going because you are in control of it all (but that can be our secret... ).

Learn more about the all-new Amazon Fire Kids Pro tablet and shop now!

Worry-Free Guarantee

Fire Kids Pro comes with one year of Amazon Kids+ with access to over 20,000 books, movies, TV shows and other kid-friendly content curated by Amazon—wow. That is a massive amount of content, and we are impressed!

Worried about drops and bumps? Don’t be. Fire Kids Pro comes with a slim but sturdy case in cool colors and fun prints to keep it protected. Even the case is genius. It features a built-in kickstand which is ideal for hands-free video-watching, game-playing, video chatting and more. The best part? All Fire Kids Pro tablets include a two-year worry-free guarantee; if it breaks, return it and Amazon will replace it free—you just can’t go wrong here.

Learn more about the all-new Amazon Fire Kids Pro tablet and shop now!


—Jamie Aderski