Why “Tumble Leaf” Will Be Your Kid’s New Obsession

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An original series that is fun, engaging and provides nuggets of teachable moments to your kids is any parent’s dream. Throw in the fact that you’ll feel totally comfortable leaving them watching an episode while you shower or finish up a conference call is the cherry on top. Read on to discover why we’re enamored with the Amazon Original award-winning Tumble Leaf series and how the show will win over you and your kids the moment you hit play.

The Plot: What to Expect
The original series follows a blue fox named Fig and his sidekick caterpillar buddy named Stick on their adventures as they explore the world around them. Joining the duo on their discoveries is a cast of endearing characters like Maple, a pink fox and Hedge…you guessed it, a hedgehog. Each episode begins with Fig scurrying down to the Finding Place, a special room in the hull of his home on the island of Tumble Leaf, to uncover the episode’s featured object. The objects range from shiny coins to flashlights to a sponge and a straw. Using the object Fig finds, he and his buddies embark on an adventure where they use the object to relate to the world around them. Your kids will follow along as they create shadows with a flashlight or discover how reflections work.


Why You’ll ALL Get Hooked
The animation is cute, colorful and enchanting. The entire series is done in stop motion (think: Chicken Run or the original Wallace and Gromit), which makes the visuals of each scene really captivating. Coupled with the vibrant animation are each episode’s teaching moments. Fig and his friends use objects to understand the world around them, but each exploration is relatable to kids as young as three-years-old. In short, the narratives won’t hit you over the head with science in a boring or irrelevant way. At 11 minutes long, each episode will make your kids look at their environment in a new light and encourage their curiosity.


It’s Not Just Us
We’re not the only ones digging Tumble Leaf. The series is a winner of five Daytime Emmy’s and the winner of the 2015 Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

What’s Next
Season two of the award-winning show debuts on Amazon December 11, 2015! Click here to watch the debut episodes as Fig and his friends embark on even more fantastic adventures. Not caught up yet? Check out the series’ first season here.

Have you watched Tumble Leaf before? What do your kids love about it? Share your experience in the comment section below!

all photos courtesy of Amazon Original