American Girl has unveiled its newest historical dolls: a pair of twins who are (millennials, take a deep breath) set in 1999

If you’re an American girl born in the last couple of generations, you’re already well acquainted with American Girls historical dolls. Felicity, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly were part of all our friend groups growing up and represented some of the most pivotal times in American history (like WWII and the settling of the U.S. frontier). Well, millennials, take a deep breath, because the company just unveiled its newest historical dolls—and they’re set in 1999.

Isabel and Nicki are new American Girl doll twins set in 1999

The ’90s American Girls are twins named Isabel and Nicki, which just feels right, considering the ’90s were also the era of Mary-Kate and Ashley and The Parent Trap. Also, they perfectly represent some of the dueling aspects of ’90s culture. Isabel is dressed in platform sandals and a pink plaid miniskirt a la Cher from Clueless, sporting a beret, beaded flower necklace, and see-through mini backpack as accessories. Meanwhile, Nicki wears a gray t-shirt and sneakers with crew socks, and her accessories include a ribbon necklace and a messenger bag—grunge fashion at its finest, really. It’s even better that these girls’ story is set in Seattle (and we can only imagine it will include some sibling arguing over whether to play *NSYNC or Foo Fighters on the boombox).

Nicki and Isabel are from 1999 in the new American Girl historical doll collection.

What makes these American Girl dolls even better is all the room accessories you can grab to complete their ’90s life. There’s a bulky desktop PC that makes real dial-up sounds. There’s a purple inflatable chair. There’s a tiny, ’90s-era American Girl magazine. There’s even a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, complete with a BOOKIT slip. Did American Girl just turn my entire childhood into miniature accessories that I’m going to have to buy immediately? Yes, yes they did.

On one hand, this is a genius move by American Girl, considering how millennials are fueled by childhood nostalgia. On the other, this is going to be a sweet way for parents to bond with their littles: reading Isabel and Nicki’s stories and sharing their own stories of growing up during the same time.

The Isabel and Nicki American Girl dolls and accessories are available online and in American Girl stores nationwide today.

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