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Aquarians are known for being wise intellectuals, so names that mean wise, such as Sophia and Cato, would make an excellent choice. Of course, there are many notable Aquarius namesakes that could inspire an Aquarian baby name, from Abraham Lincoln and Clark Gable to Jackson Pollock and Bob Marley. Aquarius baby names also relate to both water—Aquarius is the water bearer of the zodiac—and air, since Aquarius is technically an air sign. Names that mean water would be fitting, as would names related to the wind or sky along with names that mean air. If you are expecting an Aquarius baby, these names are worth a look.

The name Aire is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name meaning “air; love.” Aire is a poetic spelling of the word “air”, once widely used in Middle English. Today, it’s a brand new baby name, introduced to wider audiences when Kylie Jenner revealed it as the new name of her son.

The name Aria is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Italian and Hebrew origin meaning “air; song or melody; lion.” In the former, Aria’s literal meaning, air, is meant as a musical term denoting a kind of song or melody. Hebrew Aria is a variation of Ari, meaning “lion.” In Persian, Aria is a male name, and in Indian, it is considered unisex. Arya is an alternate spelling.

The name Brisa is a girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning “breeze.” Brisa is commonly used in Latino families, all but unheard of in others.

The name Cordelia is a girl’s name of Latin, Celtic origin meaning “heart; daughter of the sea.” Cordelia, the name of King Lear’s one sympathetic daughter, has style and substance and is exactly the kind of old-fashioned, grown-up name that many parents are seeking today.

The name Cyan is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of English origin meaning “greenish blue color.” Cyan is a highly unusual blue-green color name, a classmate of Celadon and Cerulean. It does come with the homey nickname Cy.

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Aquarius baby names are related to water

The name Django is a boy’s name of Romani origin meaning “I awake.” Django — the D is silent as most everyone now knows — the nickname of the great Belgian-born jazz guitarist Django (originally Jean Baptiste) Reinhardt, makes a dynamic musical choice for any jazz aficionado.

The name Hart is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “stag.” Hart could be the hero of a romantic novel, but on the other hand, it’s short, straightforward, and strong sounding. Hart would make an interesting middle name choice—with heart.

The name Indie is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name. Indie is an independent-sounding nickname name that is in the Top 100 in Wales. As a diminutive, it’s growing in popularity—along with indie films, and indie publishing—and the reason some parents are choosing names like India and Indigo.

The name Maverick is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of American origin meaning “independent, nonconformist.” Heard first in a 1950s James Garner western TV series, and then as the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun, Maverick symbolizes an unfettered, free spirit.

The name Rayan is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Arabic origin meaning “land that is lush and rich in water.” It’s a popular Arabic name for boys and sometimes girls too, that’s also a term of authority in India.

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The name Talia is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “gentle dew from heaven; by the water.” Talia is derived from the Hebrew elements tal, meaning “dew,” and yah, in reference to God. In the mythology of one ancient sect, Talia was one of ten angels who attended the sun on its daily course.

The name Winter is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name. The girls have dibs on Spring, Summer, and Autumn, leaving this name evocative of snowy landscapes as the one possible seasonal choice for boys. And naturally, it’s one of the most obvious names for winter babies.

The name Zella is a girl’s name of African origin meaning “lacking nothing, one who knows the way.” This is an African name that would fit into any culture.

The name Zephyr is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “west wind.” If you’re looking for a name that’s light and breezy, this could be it. A name from mythology: Zephyrus/Zephyr was the Greek god of the west wind– with many European variations, it’s a name that’s frequently seen in computer and video games, is a character in the children’s book Silverwing, and appears in the Babar books—as a monkey.

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