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Capturing the essence of your child in a picture requires a photographer who is equal parts observer and alchemist. They must have that uncanny ability to get kids to express their true selves and then capture the magic when they see it.

You’ll find this intriguing combination in Seattle-based family and child photographer, Tony Asgari. For Asgari every photograph tells a story. Asgari employs no-fuss art direction and has an eye for whimsy and capturing life’s little vignettes. He doesn’t subscribe to posed photos of kids or families. Rather, he wants to see your kids in action, whether it’s exploring a puddle or chasing seagulls. He shoots alongside kids – especially if it requires climbing monkey bars or serving as a guest at your daughter’s tea party. His ultimate goal: to capture your child’s delight in doing something they love.

Asgari’s photojournalistic style has been inspired by his travels to faraway places with his camera in tow: lost in the labyrinth of alleys in Evora, Portugal; atop Mt. Batur at sunrise in Indonesia; amidst the din of Agra and the giggles of village children in India. Asgari brings the same curiosity and artistic approach in engaging the world to his clients’ photographs.

At home, Asgari Photography will shoot at a location of your choice in the greater Seattle area.  Because he is telling your story, Asgari will take time to get to know you prior to each session. Within two weeks, all of the session photos will be showcased in a private online slide-show gallery for viewing and sharing with friends and family.  Clients can purchase individual prints a la carte and/or the digital images on CD.

Asgari’s favorite accolades come from many of his young clients who leave their photo session saying, “That was FUN!”

Asgari Photography