If you can’t handle another Princess party and the very idea of putting on another Star Wars bash makes you want to jump in front of the nearest car, take heart. Below we’ve set out the perfect plan for an out-of-this-world space party. This bash is perfect for both boys and girls, and is sure to launch your little party animal straight into space!


It’s easy to set the tone with these fun invite ideas. You can go all “Martha Stewart-style” on your guests and make these awesome homemade rocket invites with Rolos, compliments of SkiptoMyLou.

Photo courtesy of SkiptoMyLou

Or if you want the homemade look, without the ”home”, check out these customizable rocket invites from CreationbyCB on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of CreationbyCB


Once the invites have been sent, it’s time to plan the “wow” factor by unleashing your creative genius on party-goers with starry decorations. Using black lights, glow-in-the-dark spray paint and adhesive stars and planets, and turn any dark room into a galaxy far, far away. (Or just down the hall).

Stars , Planets and Black lights

Cut out stars, planets and rockets from white or neon paper and spray them with glow in the dark spray paint. Stick the stars on the walls of the garage and hang them from the ceiling at various heights with fishing line. In addition, many craft stores like Michaels sell glow-in-the dark star stickers and planets that can add an awesome “space” effect. A black light hung from the ceiling helps amp up the glowing factor. And, while the parents and their kiddos just look like they’re hanging out in a garage, they are in fact hanging out in a totally transformed glow-in-the-dark universe. It was just our camera flash that ruined the moment, but believe us, the kids were totally enchanted.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Halter

Neon Leis, glow necklaces and glow sticks
Set out a variety of glow necklaces, wands and bracelets from any local dollar or craft store, and make it part of your guest’s “mission” to add to their outer space wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Karaspartyideas

Glow Jars
Make sure you add glow jars to the room for a really cool effect. These are easy to make and, depending on the age of the guests, you can add them as a craft activity for older kids. Simply cut the end of glow sticks, pour the contents out into the jar, add the lid on and shake. Check out these cool examples from Planningwithkids.com.

Photo courtesy of planningwithkids

Glow in the dark balloons
Grab some glow in the dark balloons, blow them up and leave them on the floor of your space room to represent comets and asteroids. Guests will love running and avoiding these “comets” as they come whizzing by their heads.

Photo courtesy of mooreminutes

Activities and Games

With decorations in place, you can move on to planning launch-worthy party games. Games don’t have to be time consuming, with just a few simple activities, your spacemen and women will be ready to blast off.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Halter

Stomp Rockets:
Before launching your guests into outer space, it’s important for each guest to take a few practice runs. One easy way to do this is having them practice their launch abilities by taking a turn at the stomp rocket ($16).

Photo courtesy of Nabeel H via Flickr.

DIY Rockets and Flying Saucers:
After each pilot has had a chance to blast off, it’s time for them to create their own rocket or space ship to help rip through the galaxy. There are some fantastic craft ideas for making creative rocket ships and flying saucers by Kids Crafts Weekly.

Photo courtesy of Kidscraftweekly via Flickr

Space Goo
A flubber recipe can easily be manipulated into space goo using green food coloring. For an easy flubber recipe, check out this one from food.com.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Entrance to Outer Space

Line your space walkers up, along with their glow sticks and homemade rockets, and prepare them for a space odyssey. Have them all count down from ten and then open the door to the garage. Watch as the party guests “ooh and ah” over the asteroids, comets and galaxy created just for this space mission.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Halter


Even astronauts need to eat! While healthy snacks like carrot sticks and fruit are an important part of this mission, delight your party guests with these fun-filled and unexpected additions to the snack table.

  • Rocket pops
  • These awesome corn flake meteorites –no baking required!
  • Jell-O jigglers cut into stars, moons and planets
  • Real astronaut food, found at astronautfoods.com
  • Try cutting up a melon like cantaloupe or honeydew into rings. Stack the rings from largest to smallest and fill the space in the middle with watermelon balls to make a ringed planet with cool colors.
  • Top english muffins with pasta sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni to make flying saucer pizza bites.

This super fun moon cake, compliments of Mermaids Purse, is just perfect for space cadets.

Photo courtesy of mermaidspurse

Party Favors

These outer space crayon roll-ups by Etsy artist, artisticsouldesigns, are sure to be a hit with party guests.

Photo courtesy of artistsouldesigns via Etsy
  • Glowing silly putty makes the perfect giveaway.
  • Let kiddos take home their homemade rockets and UFOs as party favors.


    Thank you cards or notes

Little space walkers can show their appreciation by downloading this rocket card and customizing it with the name of each guest.

Photo courtesy of SweetMilkPrints via Etsy

This party will definitely take your kiddos and their friends for an adventure beyond their dreams! What’s the last theme party that you’ve thrown for your kiddos? Let us know in the comment section below. 

—- Laurie Halter

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