1.) You have not one, but two, mini fans clipped to your stroller.

2.) Your family could easily live for days solely off the contents of your car.

3.) You keep a potty in the car because sometimes five miles can take fifty minutes in Atlanta traffic.

4.) You have a smocked outfit for every holiday of the year.

5.) Your daughter has a bow in every color of the rainbow.

6.) All your son needs to complete his flipped collar, mop-top, Freddy Fratastic look is a red solo cup.

7.) You daughter has been on the TopHat soccer waiting list since birth.

8.) You turn on the DVD player in your car for just driving around town.

9.) You spend your summer vacations in “the mountains” or at “the beach.” No need to ever specify which beach or mountains because you just see the same crew of people there as you do in Atlanta.

10.) Your playgroup has somehow morphed into a moms-drinking-wine club—minus the kids.

11.) You put on Lululemon workout clothes every morning even when you have zero intention of actually exercising.

12.) You have taken your baby to a college football game.

13.) You plot out your kid’s school matriculation strategy like a champion-level game of chess.

14.) You’re pretty sure that no matter which fancy-pants private or public school they attend—they will all end up in Athens—which is just fine by you (go Dawgs!).

15.) It is hard to know who has more Tory Burch and Lilly Pulitzer clothing—you or your daughters?

16.) Chick-fil-A is your fifth food group.

What did we miss? What do you think are the telltale signs of an Atlanta mom?

–Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of the author, Creative Commons via Flickr and Laughing My Abs Off

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