Eat and Run: Kid-Friendly Restaurants With Fenced Outdoor Seating

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There are several years in the life of a parent when eating out is a bad, bad idea. If your toddler’s not tossing food all over the floor, he’s climbing out of his high chair and making a run for the kitchen. But these kid-friendly restaurants may give you a second chance at a moment’s relaxation, since their fenced-in outdoor seating will (mostly) contain your toddler and minimize the mess.


Little Azio Pizza and Pasta
Little Azio’s is a great place to break out of your food rut. Not only is the outdoor seating just the right size for your toddler to explore, but the menu offers fresh varieties on Italian favorites, like the pesto margharita pizza. Little Azio’s “semi-service” model means the waiters only make one food-delivery visit per table, so your wandering toddler won’t be too much in the way.

749 Moreland Ave.


With umbrellas at every table and plants on every side, Treehouse’s outdoor deck has a cozy feel. It may be a little crowded to give your toddler free range, but with great food and drinks and kid-friendly staff, it’s well worth a visit. With so many plants and rails to look at, chances are good your toddler will find plenty to entertain him right next to your table.

7 Kings Circle


The waiters in Cowtipper’s spacious outdoor deck don’t seem to mind avoiding tripping over toddlers. In fact, they like kids so much, they’ve been known to give out free cupcakes to especially cute ones. Stop in after a day at the Botanical Gardens, and your toddler might even be tired enough to sit still for at least part of the meal.

1600 Piedmont Road



Pizza is always a kid favorite, and the LaVista location of Fellini’s gets a double bonus: the outdoor seating has a fountain. Like Little Azio’s, Fellini’s has you order at the counter, so your waiter only makes one visit to your table. And if your toddler is entertained by water, then you can stop worrying about him getting in the way of the waiters and just concentrate on making sure he doesn’t jump into the fountain for a quick bath.

2820 Lavista Road 


Uncle Maddio’s
If your kids aren’t sick of pizza yet (and they never get sick of pizza, right?), then pay a weekend visit to Maddio’s. The best outdoor seating is at the XX location, but you can go wherever’s closest to you, because Saturday at Maddio’s is Kid Day. From 11 to 2 is Art Camp, so the Maddio’s staff will entertain your (older) kids with arts and crafts while you relax. Art camp is only for ages 3-13, so it won’t help with your toddler, but all the kid activity will at least help keep him entertained. Bonus? The veggie toppings are local, and they’ll make your pizza in a mere six minutes.

3027 North Druid Hills Road


Food Truck Park
Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the epitome of outdoor kiddie cuisine: Atlanta’s only permanent food truck park. Imagine a collection of food trucks with an emphasis on local and organic, throw in a weekend farmer’s market, add plenty of parking, fenced-in picnic tables, and a playground, and you’ve got the Atlanta Food Truck Park. The play area does have an open gate, so keep a close eye on your toddler if he’s especially prone to quick escapes. Click here for our complete guide on how to this park.

1850 Howell Mill Road

Do you ever dare to eat out with a toddler? Where’s your favorite kid-friendly restaurant? Tell us below!

–Lisa Baker

Photos courtesy of Little Azio via FacebookTreehouse via FacebookCowtippers via FacebookFellini’s via FacebookUncle Maddio’s via Facebookand Atlanta Food Truck Park via Facebook