Beyond the obligatory “Yes, ma’am” and “No, sir,” it would also be nice to convince your kid that his shorts are not his napkin. Persistence in the please and thank you game can pay off. Read on for our picks for Atlanta etiquette classes and send your child into their future more confident and considerate.

Charm Ettiquette
Charm Etiquette, the brain child of Atlanta mom and entrepreneur Erika Preval, promises a modern spin on etiquette and leadership. Erika believes that kiddos who master manners early are more socially savvy and successful. Her classes provide a place for kids to learn the foundation of manners in a fun in memorable way.

Yes, please: Charm keeps it local, with all classes taking place within neighborhood restaurants. Your little one gets to learn in a real world atmosphere and you get to join them at the table of yummy dining spot.

Dazzling Manners
Beyond just where to put your napkin and which fork to use, the education learned in a manners and etiquette class increases a kid’s confidence and self-esteem. Manners coach Patti Davis teaches everything from polishing table manners to helping little ones deal with bullies.

Yes, please: Dazzling Manners reviews the topics of proper hygiene and dress with your kiddos, because we all know how hard it can be to convince certain little ones it’s not okay to wear their Batman cape everywhere.

Peachtree Etiquette, LLC
If anyone can coax your kiddo into thinking that manners are fun, it’s the folks at Peachtree Etiquette.  Set in a cozy, home like environment Peachtree Etiquette teaches decorum and dining skills using fun games and activities.

Yes, please: Start them young! Peachtree Etiquette has a “Pre-Etiquette” class perfect for building the confidence and age appropriate manners for kiddos as young as three!

Etiquette Atlanta
On a mission to improve self-esteem and teach good manners as a way of life, Etiquette Atlanta offers unique classes for the needs of boys, girls or teens.  Young ladies can start polishing poise and confidence as early as Kindergarten. Topics covered will include entertaining, the finer points of posture and proper sitting. Classes for little men start in the third grade and review topics like table manners, the art of being a gentleman and good sportsmanship. 

Yes, please: Why not check out a Summer Boot Camp? During this three week course, kids will learn everything from how to tie a tie to how navigate a formal dinner.  You’re sure to be grinning big as you watch your little practice their perfected manners as the camp comes to an end with a final luncheon.

How do you teach you tot manners? Please share your secrets with us in the comments section below. Thank you!

—Candice Rose

Photos courtesy of Charm Etiquette, Etiquette Atlanta and Peachtree Etiquette, LLC via Facebook

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