Sleep On It: 4 Night Nurse Services To Bring You (and Baby) Sweet Dreams

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All nighters ain’t what they used to be. There still might be bottles strewn everywhere, but once baby arrives, sleeping in the next day is no longer an option. When sleep deprivation gets scary, call in reinforcements from one of Atlanta’s baby nurse services. Experts in postpartum care and the excruciating art of sleep training, they can help ensure both you and baby get some much-needed rest.


Happy Baby Solutions
Happy Baby Solutions was founded by two moms who realized how hard it was to find quality care for their kids. Their professional baby nurses can ease the transition into becoming a new parent, offering advice on everything from swaddling to sleep schedules. They can also take the night shift so mama and daddy’s can catch some z’s.


Rest Assured Infant Nursing
Rest Assured specializes in matching families with night nurses that are licensed RNs and certified in infant CPR. All have passed criminal background checks and are 100% insured so that you can “rest assured” your little love in is good hands.


Baby Nurse To Go
Founded by Angela Buehler, Baby Nurse To Go is your one stop for Professional Baby Nurse Services , Sleep training, and newborn care and scheduling consultations.Based in Atlanta, Baby Nurse To Go founder Angela Buehler, originally hails from London. She is a multiples and preemie specialist, with over 25 years experience and offers baby nursing services that span the globe. Buehler will assist with sleep training, scheduling your baby and overall care your newest addition. She specializes in preemies and multiples, and with the special needs of apnea monitored babies, reflux, sensory integration disorder, and feeding techniques.


Mothers Helping Hands
Specializing in night nurse infant care, Mothers Helping Hands also offers postpardum and newborn services to ease you and baby’s trasition home from the hospital. Their postpartum doulas take care of both baby and mom in the first days and weeks home. Best of all, their in-home night nurses will care for your infant so that you can get some sleep.

How did you survive sleep deprivation with your baby? Tell us about it below!

—Phebe Wahl

All photos courtesy of Creative Commons via Flickr