This Australian daycare provides gourmet-looking lunch every day—for the parents

As Americans, we’re pretty used to seeing videos go viral highlighting all the amazing things that daycares in other countries provide for kids. We get it—other governments invest in children and parents, and the result is affordable childcare that enriches kids and invests in their development and education. We get it. But this daycare in Australia takes things even further. A mom of a child who goes there went viral on TikTok for her video showing the delicious lunch they serve each day—but not for the kids. Nope, this daycare sends lunch with the parents, and we’re officially too jealous to function.

The mom, who goes by @thepeninsulamumma on TikTok, posted the video, which shows off the lunch she received from her daughter’s daycare every day for a week.


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First up? A bagel absolutely loaded with deli turkey, cranberry sauce, arugula, and Swiss cheese. Please, ma’am, my stomach is growling.

The next day, she received what appeared to be an Australian delicacy: A toasted sandwich filled with spaghetti and cheese. I haven’t heard of it, but if you think that would stop me from eating it, you are mistaken.

On Day 3, the daycare stepped up its lunch game. That day, the mom received a toasted ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant. Are you kidding me? That costs like, $9 at Starbucks. I have to be having a genuinely bad day to convince myself I deserve to treat myself to a toasted ham and cheese on a freaking croissant, and this woman is just getting it for free after dropping her kid off for the day.

Day 4’s lunch is another banger: a bagel absolutely stuffed with sliced chicken, sundried tomato, pesto, cream cheese, and crunchy lettuce. It’s so full, I don’t think it would fit in my mouth. Seriously, it looks like a fancy gastropub sandwich.

“I am grateful and blessed,” the mom said, and um, duh.

The comments section is saying what we’re pretty much all thinking.

“Okay, I need to know which daycare so I can move immediately,” one person wrote. Another mom chimed in, “From America here. wtf is this sorcery?! What do you mean they feed YOU!?”

So if anyone needs the entire Tinybeans staff, we’ll all be taking the afternoon off to Google, “How to immigrate to Australia.” G’day.

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