11 (Relatively) Harmless Ways to Prank the Kids

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Parents, your kids probably already think you are the coolest but also the weirdest, so why not just own it and prank the heck out of them this April Fools’ Day? The following April Fools’ pranks are (relatively) harmless so you can have a little good fun, all in the name of the game. Scroll down for ideas.

Swap Beds

This prank is perfect for heavy sleepers (and kids that don't already crowd you in bed). Once the kids have hit the hay, pick them up and move them into different beds! They'll wake up in the morning and wonder, "what just happened?"

Jell-O Drinks

It may look like your kiddos' favorite drink, but there's a surprise waiting! Follow the steps from Story Piece on how to use Jell-O to turn that beverage into a solid, and watch as your littles try and take a sip.

Make "Grilled Cheese" for Dinner

Your kids won't mind this prank once they take a big bite. This "grilled cheese" is actually dessert! Take slices of pound cake and colored buttercream frosting that looks just like cheese, then grill in a pan. We say, why not have dessert for dinner once in awhile? Check out more details on this fun prank at The Craft Patch.

Take Back Control

This trick is an oldie but a goodie. When no one is looking, cover up the sensor on your TV remote control so that it won't work when your kiddos are trying to change the channel!

Bubble Wrap Surprise

This prank will get everyone up and moving. The night before Apr. 1, hide a few sheets of bubble wrap under bathmats, rugs and doormats so that anyone who walks over it will get a nice (loud) surprise!

Turn Their World Upside-Down

Before you head to bed, go through the main living spaces and turn as much furniture upside-down as you possibly can—armchairs, benches, tables, and even the stuff on your kitchen counter-tops. And, the best part: when they come running into your room the next morning, screaming that everything is upside-down, pretend like things are 100 percent normal! If your living room already looks upside down, you're not alone. We've all been inside together for a. long. time. 

Frozen Breakfast

The night before April Fool's Day, pour some cereal and milk into a bowl, then put in the freezer overnight. When it's time to dig in, let your kids try and enjoy the frosty treat!

Sweet Lunch Surprise

One day of a super sweet lunch won’t kill them, right? When lunch time rolls around try one of these pranks: Top a bagel with frosting, or replace the raisins in the box with chocolate chips. You can also take the foil wrap off of chocolate Easter egg-shaped candy (the small kind) and wrap the foil around grapes.

Spaghetti for Breakfast, Anyone?

Breakfast for dinner is a family favorite, but dinner for breakfast? Spaghetti? Cheeseburgers? Tacos? Just make sure that you serve them something you know that they’ll eat… or else the cranky, hungry kids that you’ll face the rest of the day will make it seem like the joke was on you instead!

Tie Their Shoes Up!

This April Fool’s Day prank won't work on velcro or slip on shoes! Tie all of their shoelaces together before you go to bed the night before—-you can either tie pairs of shoes together, or, tie every single shoe they have into one long string!

photo: Jennifer Swartvagher

Put a Tiger in Your Living Room (or a Panda on Your Porch)

Use Google's new 3D animal feature and snap a photo of an animal on the back porch, yard, living room or bathtub. Then convince your must gullible kids what you found/saw. If all else fails, send the picture to Grandma or Grandpa and tell them the local zoo is now doing in-home visits. 

—Katie Kavulla, Amber Guetebier & Karly Wood


The Best Jokes for Kids 

15 Ways to Goof Off with the Kids Today 

Float Your Boat at Oregon’s Maritime Museum

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Have you visited Oregon’s only floating museum yet? If you’ve been in downtown Portland, you’ve seen it. Located on the Willamette River docked by Waterfront Park, the Oregon Maritime Museum is inside the historic vessel Portland, a sternwheeler straight from the early 20th century. Get a hint of the Northwest’s seafaring past on this magnificent vessel. Read on to find out more!

photo: paul via flickr


The boat’s docked on Waterfront Park off Naito, right between the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges. Parking is the usual downtown bustle, and you’ll end up paying, so consider parking on the East Side and walking across the bridges, riding bikes, or taking the Max to the Oak Street stop (two blocks from the museum!) Your admission comes with a docent-led tour that lasts 45 minutes, led by knowledgeable volunteers and history buffs. These folks have the ability to make history come alive, so while you’ll stay docked during your visit, you’ll be steaming away in your imagination!

What You’ll See

The tour guides you through the pilot house, engine room, and captain’s cabin, discovering tall (true!) tales about local nautical history. Your kids will love the hands-on maritime artifacts in the Children’s Corner, like the loud ship’s whistle (kids will love it, parents might not!), and the moveable parts of a ship’s model. You’ll also learn about the weird history of underwater diving, see displays about sailing vessels, steam power, and WWII shipyards. There’s a lot packed in! End your trip with a visit the onboard museum store, full of books, toys, gifts, and other maritime memorabilia.

photo: metallica via yelp

Great for Kids

The vessel is a historical artifact, so of course there is no climbing on any equipment or horsing around in small spaces. Kids will love the chance to see the “innards” of a boat, pretend to steer by turning the giant wheel, and play with artifacts in the Children’s Corner. The docents do a great job of engaging older children with stories and questions– curious kids will learn a lot have a blast!

What to Bring

No need for lifejackets, captain’s hats or oars when you visit – there is plenty of boat paraphernalia to keep your little ones entertained! What you will need is an extra layer of warm clothing to keep the wind at bay, a pack for pre-walkers instead of a stroller and shoes that are good for exploring the ins and outs of a ship.

photo: metallic via yelp

Fun Facts

This is the last operating steam-powered sternwheeler tug in the U.S. It cruises the waters 4-5 times a year, occasionally open for the public to join.

The vessel was featured in the 1994 film Maverick. All dolled up as a river sternwheeler, the film showcases the Portland steaming through the Columbia Gorge. After your visit, you can rent this PG-13 flick for a fun movie night and play spot-the-ship!

If your kids love nautical history, take a trip to Astoria for even more maritime fun!

Need to Know

$7/adults, $3/children ages 3-12, free for children under 6 and active military
Wed., Fri, & Sat., 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Gate closes at 3:15 p.m. for the last tour)
On the Willamette River near Waterfront Park
S.W. Naito Pkwy at Pine St.
Portland, OR
Online: oregonmaritimemuseum.org

Been to the Maritime Museum? What was your kid’s favorite part? Tell us in the comments below?


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For families with kids who exclusively order mac n’ cheese when they dine out, finding restaurants that offer more than just a jazzed up version of the stuff from the blue and yellow box (we won’t name names!), can be a challenge. Give one of these Seattle or Eastside restaurants a try the next time your little ones have a hankering for some mac… many of them offer pretty tasty adult-friendly versions as well!

5 Spot

The 5 Spot is known for its tasty breakfasts, and creative, ever-changing regional menu and décor, but people often forget about their classic menu items that are always worth visiting for! The mac n’ cheese is a staple on their kid’s menu and includes a drink and grilled bread for $5.50 – this is one you’ll want to steal a bite of, Mom and Dad.

Find it: 1502 Queen Anne Ave. N., Seattle, Wa 98109
Online: chowfoods.com/5-spot

Where is your favorite place to get your mac n’ cheese fix? Share with us in the comments section below. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via Steve Depolo via Flickr, cookbookman17 via Flickr, stu_spivack via Flicker, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Facebook page, Heartland Cafe Seattle Facebook page, Icon Grill Facebook page, Mona A via Yelpand LehighValleyPA via Flickr

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Sure, you can jump on Amazon and have their new flying delivery drones drop off the supplies you need for your kiddo’s next birthday party. Or, you can create a celebration using these Seattle-area party experts to take things to the next level… we’re talking Pinterest-worthy land, but with about a tenth of the effort on your part. Go on, parents. Let someone else do the heavy-lifting this year, when it comes to birthday party creativity. You might actually (gasp!) enjoy yourself at your kiddo’s birthday!

Evergreen Balloons
We’re pretty sure that we just blew your mind (pun intended) with Evergreen Balloons’ creations, so imagine how insane your kids and their guests are going to go over these custom-made balloons for their party? Balloon twister and artist, Jami Krause, will work with you to create a custom balloon creation that is the centerpiece of your party, or, she’ll be the entertainment, creating the coolest balloons, live and in person, for all of your party guests!

Evergreen Balloons

Need more to convince you of how cool Jami is? She also does some pretty awesome face painting and makes BALLOON DRESSES (upcoming school auction outfit, moms?). We know one thing for sure — you’ll never have to buy another wiener-dog balloon animal at the carnival again… those wimpy little balloons just won’t cut it after discovering Evergreen Balloons.

Find them: Visit the Evergreen Balloons website for contact information, rates and other details. Be sure to keep an eye on the Evergreen Balloons Facebook page to see the latest creations, learn about balloon-related events (and super fun workshops!) and even giveaways.

You say it just like you think you should… Pin-yada-yada. But, there’s nothing to yada-yada about when it comes to these amazing, custom-made pinatas from the lovely Sara Ewalt. If you’ve ever tried to find a pinata in Seattle, you know what a challenge it can be — the selection is slim and, to be honest, quite ugly. Instead, have Pinyadayada create a pinata that will be the centerpiece of your kiddo’s party.


There is a downside to Sara’s creations however… your kids will expect you to put candy inside and then they’ll want to hit it with a stick to break it open. (Sigh). It’s okay to cry a little. We won’t blame you.

Find them: Visit the Pinyadayada website for details about how to order your own pinata (they take at least two-weeks to create, unless you’re in a pinch, with a pinata emergency!). You can also find Pinyadayada on Facebook and Instagram.

PREP Party Design
Have you tried to buy cute party supplies lately? You know, ones without LEGO Ninjago characters or Hello Kitty on them? If you have, you’ve had major quantity shock when you realize that the more trendy the supplies, the higher the bulk. As much as you love those adorable red and white striped paper straws, the last thing you need is 200 of them for a party of 10! Meet your new party supply BFF, PREP Party Design.

PREP Party Design

One of the newest faces at Bothell’s Country Village Shops, we promise that it’s worth the drive to curate exactly what supplies you need for your upcoming shindig. Plus, owner Danielle Mekhail, is an experienced party-planning mama of two herself, so she knows exactly what you’ll need to throw the party of your Pinterest dreams that also takes into account even the littlest of guests. Psst…You can also throw a party in the PREP party space, have them help with invitations, or just leave all of the planning to them and simply show up in your party pants!

Find them: Visit the PREP Party Design website for location details, contact information and current hours. Be sure to follow PREP on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks at their newest products and the fun parties that they throw.

What are your secrets to creative, unique party supplies and decorations, Seattle parents? Any local favorites? Let us know in a comment below. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the Facebook pages of Evergreen Balloons, Pinyadayada, and PREP Party Design

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Quick! Go grab your thinking cap! Can’t find it since you became a parent? Hmm. That’s weird. Try checking under the dozens of baskets of dirty laundry piled around your house. Or, maybe in the trunk of your car under the stinky soccer gear? Thinking cap or no, these Seattle-area bloggers will kick your brain into gear every time they post. Add them to your must-follow list… and also to your to-read-when-I-have-more-than-30-seconds list. Yup, we have one of those lists too.

Jenni Hogan

Taking blogging to a whole new level, one of Seattle's most beloved moms and media personalities, Jenni Hogan, keeps us all on our toes with content that will push you out of your typically mommy blogger (toy)box. From fresh new looks on how to raise kids in this crazy everything-is-online world to Seattle favorites to topics that hit home with all women, Jenni's blog is our daily nourishment of what is relevant and hot for moms.

Find it: jennihogan.com

Don’t miss these additional Seattle mom and dad bloggers! These funny bloggers will make you laugh so hard you’ll snort coffee out your nose. These creative bloggers will make you crave some quality time with Pinterest. And these travel bloggers will give you wanderlust.

Which Seattle mom and dad bloggers kick your brain into gear? Tell us in the comments!

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the lovely bloggers listed.

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Oh, you know. Just another afternoon hanging out with Bill Gates. While a play date on the Microsoft campus sure does sound fun (we hear the cafeteria is awesome!), this is the side to the Gates family that you and your kids may not be as familiar with, until today. Located just outside of the Seattle Center is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center, home to one of the coolest places in the city to watch your kids learn about what giving truly means.

gates foundation visitor center entrance

Not Your Average Visitor Center
When you think of a “visitor center” you probably picture some roadside historical viewpoint that smelled like old, stale coffee and could hardly be called a “center,” let alone inviting. You know the one — you probably stopped there last summer on that road trip you took with the kids, just to get a break from the are-we-there-yets. As you can imagine, the Gates Foundation does a visitor center right, using some of the best, brightest and most creative local minds to bring the work that the foundation does around the world to life. It’s not quite a museum and it’s not quite an exhibit. Amongst all of the information and the pretty graphics and photographs, there are built-in hands-on elements, places to create and even spots to climb. Every family that’s visited the Gates Foundation Visitor Center marvels about how they were only planning on popping in to check it out, maybe on the way to one of the flashier attractions across the street at the Seattle Center, but they ended up staying for hours, getting involved in every element of what the Visitor Center has to offer. And, it doesn’t smell a bit like stale coffee in there.

gates foundation visitor center exploring

Global Thinking
Long story short, the Gates Foundation gives a lot of money to a lot of organizations, from local grants to projects on the other side of the globe. They are actually in the business of giving other people, foundations and organizations money to pursue the philanthropy that they are passionate about. For example, the Gates Foundation, itself, doesn’t dig wells in Africa, but they may fund an organization that does. Your kids are going to see that come to life in the stations that are all around the Visitor Center, from giving them a chance to build their own devices that will help others (literally, with pipe cleaners and tin foil and other crafty supplies!) to feeling what it’s like to lift the weight of two full buckets of water (don’t worry, the buckets are spill-free). This is one of those magical parenting moments when you realize that your kids are having fun and learning something at the same time!

gates foundation visitor center creating

Bring… Everyone!
While the Gates Foundation Visitor Center is certainly hands-on and they’ve taken measures to make sure that everything is kid-touch-friendly, it’s also not a children’s museum where you can let them run wild. You’re going to want to explore as a family and check out each piece of the Visitor Center together, especially if you have kiddos who are still learning to read. Our favorite part about the Visitor Center is that you can bring your toddler and your teenager and they’ll both have a great time. Obviously, they will explore the Center differently, but this is a place where you’ll all be engaged. Be ready to be open-minded about chatting with your kids as you explore. We wouldn’t call any of the exhibits controversial, but they do tackle worldly issues and their curious little minds may have some questions as they process what they see.

gates foundation visitor center photo wall

Don’t Miss…
The photo wall when you first walk in — add your own photograph! The cool bathrooms. The Share Your Cause tree in the back corner – draw a picture of your own cause! The concrete bags that you can climb on outside. The footprints. The place where you and your kids can share your ideas to help the world.

The Parking Scoop
Here’s something you’ll love to hear… parking to go to the Visitor Center is quite easy. Yes, that’s what we said. Parking is easy. Okay, well, it’s easy once you get through the Mercer Mess and get to the parking garage that’s conveniently located next door! Coming either direction on Fifth Avenue North (the same street as the Visitor Center), you can turn directly into the parking garage entrance. You’ll see it just south of the Visitor Center, with the garage itself located on the corner. We love this garage because there are always plenty of spaces to choose from and the spaces are big, so you can easily wrangle kids in and out of car seats without bonking your door on the car next door. The only downside? It isn’t cheap. Parking for 1-2 hours is $10 and over 2-hours is $12, but considering there isn’t a fee for the Visitor Center itself, paying for parking seems well worth it.

Grabbing a spot on the street isn’t out of the question, especially if you don’t mind walking a few blocks. Check out the side street that’s just across the street from the front doors of the Visitor Center — there is often parking there during the week. You can also venture a bit north of the Visitor Center, towards Lower Queen Anne, to find a free spot. Beware of the “zone” parking areas, which may limit where you can park… and when!

gates foundation visitor center events

Bring It & Leave It
You’re going to love this place because the “bring it” list is very short. All of the exploring is self-contained at the Visitor Center, so all you’ll need to bring are rain coats to get your from the parking lot to the front door, a stroller if you have a little one with you (there’s plenty of room to wheel it around!), and your thinking caps, which may or may not be literal caps, depending on your kids. What to leave at home? Your coffee, as you’ll need both hands to interact with the exhibits. Your gigantic carry-all purse, as it will become a pain to lug around. Toys and extras that your kids think they’ll need, but you’ll end up shoving under your arm about two-minutes after walking in the door of the Visitor Center, because they’re having such a good time.

Post-Play Eats & Fun
With such a central location, just across the street from the Seattle Center, once you’re done at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center, you can easily tack on some of your other favorites nearby or, simply pop over to the fountain to run off some wiggles before heading home. Looking for a place to grab a bite to eat after all that thinking? Check out The Armory, across the street in the Seattle Center, just on the south side of the EMP. It will take you less than five-minutes to walk there and if you spend more than $10 on lunch, they’ll give you a voucher for money off of your parking at the garage (Fifth Avenue North location only).

Like them 
No,  you can’t add Bill Gates as a friend on Facebook. But, you can become a fan of the Gates Foundation Visitor Center’s Facebook page, which will keep you up to date on any kid-friendly events they have planned. Be sure to check back on the Facebook page after you visit — they are fantastic about posting awesome event photos of kids exploring the center!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center
440 Fifth Ave. N.
Seattle, Wa 98109
Find them online on the Gates Foundation website

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Admission: Free

What do you like most about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center? Will you be visiting soon? Let us know in a comment below. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the Gates Foundation Visitor Center Facebook Page

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When you’re traveling with kids, getting to the airport can be half of the battle. Everyone knows that Sea-Tac Airport may seem close to home, but once you add in traffic on I-5, closures on the Viaduct, and a sprinkle of rain, that quick, 10-mile jaunt south of the city can turn very bad, very quickly. If your holiday plans include a trip to Sea-Tac this year, try one of these kid-friendly airport transportation options that will get your vacation started as soon as you leave the house. Happy travels!

Sea-Tac Airport Photo: Courtesy of Marisssa

Park It
If taking your own car to the airport is really the only option — trust us, we understand that sometimes it’s just easier that way — at least give yourself the best shot at making it quick and somewhat reasonable, price-wise. There’s no denying that driving right up to the on-site Sea-Tac parking lot is the quickest option, if you happen to be running a bit late to your flight, but it will cost you your firstborn child to park there (currently $35/day or $130/week). As a reliable alternative, try Ajax ParkingRUS, which is a family favorite because they make trips to the airport so incredibly fast and easy, and for a fraction of what it will cost you to park at the airport.

A few tips from families who use Ajax: Make sure you follow the directions to the parking lot from their website, not your GPS. Also, take note of which parking lot you’re parked in — there are two, each with a different shuttle, which can cause some confusion when you get back to Seattle from your trip. Lastly, you can reserve your parking spot via email on their website, where they also often have discount coupons!

Sea-Tac Airport Photo: Courtesy of Hey Mona!

Light Rail It
You’ve probably heard about families taking the light rail to get to the airport… and you’re probably skeptical. We admit that if you have 35 bags of luggage, 12 car seats, 91 carry-ons and a toddler, this might not be the option for you, as there is a bit of “lugging” necessary to get from your car onto the light rail and then into the terminal. But, if you have kiddos who are old enough to carry or pull their own suitcase or carry-on bags, or you are travelling on the lighter end, car-seat free and with suitcases that can easily be managed by the adults, we highly recommend light railing it to Sea-Tac. With stations scattered all over Seattle, it’s easy to jump on at your closest location — their website is extremely helpful in planning your trip, finding the best route to get to Sea-Tac easily and how to navigate the stations, including where to get dropped off and daily fares.

Speaking of fares, kids are free on the light rail and adult tickets start at $2, adding 5-cents for each mile you travel, making it very budget-friendly and leaving more vacation money for souvenirs (yay!). First time light rail traveler? We love the Trip Planner on the Sound Transit website. You can enter your starting address and what time you need to be at the airport and it will give you exact leaving times and directions, including which buses to take to get to your nearest light rail station!

Sea-Tac Airport Photo: Courtesy of Marissa

Uber It
You guessed it… Airport transportation? There’s an app for that! While you may consider Uber your date night transportation go-to, keep it on your radar for family-friendly rides to the airport as well. Using Uber is a great solution for families who are bringing car seats on their travels. While it’s not inexpensive (around $50 to the airport from downtown Seattle), it’s very reliable and in most places in Seattle, you can request a car via the app and have one to you in less than 10-minutes. Uber also wins major parent travel points for being able to request the size of vehicle you need for your family — an SUV for bigger families or travelers with a lot of luggage to a super efficient (and more cost-friendly!) hybrid car for those mom-and-me getaways. Jump on the Uber Seattle website to read more about how Uber works (you enter your credit card on the app and everything is charged to your card when you arrive at your destination, even the tip!). Just download the app onto your smartphone to get started!

Sea-Tac Airport Photo: Courtesy of Karla

Town Car It
It’s a traveling dilemma. You won’t need car seats on the airplane or at your destination, but you obviously need them to get to the airport. Thankfully, many town car services will arrive with car seats locked in and ready to ride, so you can just hop in, buckle up and head to Sea-Tac. Try Abe Town Car Services, a favorite in Seattle because their cars are clean, the drivers are always on time and the rates are reasonable (about $45 from most Seattle neighborhoods — you can check your zip code on their website).

Note: Many families have warned us that there is a similarly named town car service in town that isn’t as fantastic, so make sure you’re getting the correct Abe’s when you Google or book a car for your trip!

Sea-Tac Airport Photo: Courtesy of Life by Lindsay

Lyft It
Have you seen those cars driving around Seattle with the big, pink mustaches on their front grill? Those are Lyft cars! Built on a ride-sharing model, Lyft employs drivers who use their personal cars (don’t worry, it’s very safe!). This is obviously a BYO car seat situation, which can be a hassle, but if you’re travelling with kiddos who are booster seat-friendly and you are planning on bringing those with you as you travel, Lyft will work well. The service is managed via an app, which you can download for free onto your phone and all rides are charged via donation onto the credit card you register. It’s kind of like having a friend give you a lift to the airport, but without having to bug your real-life friends. Be sure to leave plenty of time to request a car before you need to get to the airport, as cars can be limited during certain days and times.

Before you get to the airport, be sure to read up:
Turn a Layover into a Playover: 12 Reasons Sea-Tac Rocks

How does your family get to Sea-Tac when you’re heading out of town? Let us know in the comments section below!

— Katie Kavulla

Thanks to the following traveling families for the great pictures: Hey Mona!, The Stevens Family, Marissa and her girls, love it. need it., and Life by Lindsay

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You’d better put your coffee down before you read this. No, really. Put it down. We’ve gathered up the funniest Seattle bloggers, who are moms and dads, for a must-read list that will have you laughing so hard that your kids are likely to run in the room, wondering if you’re watching cat videos on YouTube again.

Hey Mona!

Hey Mona! Hey... Mona? We adore you. After all, what's not to love about a Seattle mom who is a real life, bonafide stand-up comedian and a blogger. Add in the irresistible smiles of her sons, the fun, quick-to-watch videos that she posts and stories that have that "I've totally been there" vibe, Mona Concepcion finds a way to keep the snark in check while simultaneously keeping us laughing.

Find it: kirida.com

Are any of these funny ladies (or gent) your favorite too? Have a suggestion for another Seattle mom blogger who makes you snort coffee out your nose? Share with us in the comments section below! 

— Katie Kavulla

Catch more Seattle bloggers we love, including Seattle-Area Travel Blogs and Creative Mom Blogs.

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We’re back with more of our favorite Seattle-area blogs, written by local moms (did you catch our creative mom bloggers edition?) but this time, we’ve got our carry-ons packed, we’ve put an entire paycheck worth of gas in our SUV, and the kids are prepped with enough goodies from the dollar bins at Target to last them at least, well, 18 minutes. It’s time to explore and these moms are leading the way! These Seattle-area bloggers are taking us around the Northwest and beyond with travel-focused content that will have you itching for a weekend adventure out of the city. Beyond all of the insider tips they have about discovering those new-to-us places, we’re hooked on watching how they travel with kiddos in tow and are inspired by their gusto to expose them to the world outside of Seattle (we hear there is one?). Now, where did we put that backpack leash that we bought as soon as we found out we were pregnant?

Adventure Bee

We suppose that if we have to share Adventure Bee, we will. Seattle is lucky enough to have this mom-daughter blogging team spend part of their time in the Northwest (and the other part in the Bay Area), that is, when they aren't buzzing around the world finding new places to explore.

Find it: adventurebee.net

Which Seattle mom blogs are you stalking? Share with us in the comments below and keep your eye out for more mom blog features in the coming weeks!

— Katie Kavulla

fun photos via the bloggers featured