Wendy Altschuler is a professional travel and adventure writer who has written stories for major print and web publications on destinations across the globe. She’s an Americorps, DePaul University, and Windy City Rollers alum; she’s visited all 50 states and many of our nation’s national parks; and she’s a mother of three boys. As seasoned writer, she traveled solo to Hong Kong; tried surfing in Bali, El Salvador and Costa Rica; swam with whale sharks in Mexico, nurse sharks in Belize, and manta rays in Hawaii; met tea pickers in Sri Lanka and Maasai warriors in Kenya; hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim; tried salmon-infused vodka in Istanbul and fermented shark in Iceland; rode a camel in the Sahara Desert to spend the night in a remote camp in Morocco; smoked a shisha with flavored tobacco in the Maldives and Dubai; rappelled in an erosion crater in Israel; brought her sons to Japan and Peru and more. Her new book, Perfect Day Chicago, is great for travelers as well as locals.

Articles by Wendy: