There’s nothing quite like potty training that brings a whole new kind of stress to a parent’s life. From pull-up diapers to potty seats and positive reinforcement, every parent is looking for just the right tool to help their little one master this important milestone of child development. Baby born Surprise has introduced its latest doll, Magic Potty Surprise, which helps you teach your little one how to go to the potty on a real potty.

Baby born Surprise dolls are adorable and lifelike babies and pets. Each one is full of surprises, and they give kids the experience of caring for a lifelike "baby" through activities like bathing, diaper changing and now potty training. Magic Potty makes potty training magical because your kiddo can learn to potty train while she teaches her Magical Potty Surprise doll to potty train at the same time.

Your little one will love taking care of her Baby born Surprise Magical Potty Surprise doll. She can feed her doll her real doll food, then give her toddler doll water from her sippy cup, help her doll sit on the potty and then discover the doll peed colorful, sparkly glitter pee. And when she adds a Potty Pod to the potty, after giving her water and sitting her on the potty, she’ll discover her doll has “pooped” a magical charm. Magical Potty Surprise doll comes with more than 30 magical surprises, and a charm bracelet that your little one can proudly add charms to and wear.

Magical Potty Surprise comes with 9 doll food packets, 10 potty pods with surprise charms, a plate, spoon, sippy cup, potty, hairbrush, charm bracelet and a pacifier. And she has beautiful hair that your kiddo will love brushing, and a cute outfit and shoes. After all, fashion is important when baby is potty training!

Make potty training an exciting time in your little one’s life. Click here to buy the Baby born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise.

—Leah R. Singer

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