If you’ve got a newly mobile baby, you’re going to need one of these best baby gates on Amazon

We love celebrating when our babies hit a new milestone! In fact, we seriously look forward to it. First laugh, first bath, first words. We love and document them all. Rolling over, crawling, and walking are huge milestones that are incredibly exciting, and being prepared for a baby on-the-move is an absolute must. So if you’ve got a scooting, creeping, crawling, toddling, walking wee one, you’re looking to make sure your home is as safe as possible for them. For most of us, that starts with the best baby gates you can find. If the best baby gates on Amazon make them ultra-easy to snag, all the better. Convenience is a mom’s best friend!

Baby gates keep little ones contained not only to where you can see them, but also within a safe space for them to explore. It’s likely you’ll want gates at the top and/or bottom of any stairs in your home. You may want one to keep your kiddos and pets separated, or to keep them away from the dog’s food and water bowls. Many parents use baby gates to prevent their babes from the bathroom or kitchen. And the good news is that baby gates don’t have to be tough to install or a major household obstacle. These are the best baby gates on Amazon that will make baby-proofing for your busy little one as easy as possible!

Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate

The Regalo all-steel construction baby gate is easy to install by either wall mount or pressure mounting. This one is #1 on Amazon and with almost 85K reviews, they're clearly doing something right!

Amazon Review: So easy and efficient!!! I love this gate so much I went ahead and purchased a second one!!! This is now my go to gate and I’m sure I will end up buying more! It is so easy to put together and put up, also to take down. Highly recommend! —Samantha Esper

Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate ($39.98)—Buy Now

Cumbor Auto-Close Baby Gate

This extra-wide gate is also extra durable, easy to install, and has an auto-close feature that's simple for adults to operate, but tricky for little hands. It's also a taller option, making it a great choice for kiddos and pets, too! Comes in 4 colors.

Amazon Review: I was looking for a gate that wouldn’t look like the gates we used for my childhood dog and something I could still maneuver without disrupting my daily routine. My pup is a 14 yr old toy rat terrier and the stairs have become a danger for her. I needed something that would block her from going up and down the stairs and hurting her fragile legs. I didn’t want to jump over or trip over a stair gate and this fit the need perfectly!! It’s easy to open the door (it took me 3 tries to PERFECT my technique) and has options for staying open. I also don’t need to close it fully which helps with my travels up and down the stairs. But it’s sturdy enough that she can’t open the gate if it’s touching and not sealed. —Tara M

Cumbor Auto-Close Baby Gate ($99.99)—Buy Now

Regalo 192 Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate & Play Yard

This gate means business. If you have a great room or an open-concept home, doorway-sized baby gates just won't cut it. Another from Regalo, this gate is 192 inches wide and can convert to an 8-panel play yard, too!

Amazon Review: We have had ours for 3 years now and I always tell people, "this is the best $100 buck Ive ever spent" I am able to work at my desk while watching my babies grow up. Also we can watch movies and keep them contained so we can all be in one spot and not have to chase after the crawlers. So, it's def been a great product in our home. —Gina

Regalo 192 Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate & Play Yard ($99.98)—Buy Now

EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate

A soft mesh barrier allows this gate to retract when not in use. Plus, it offers one-handed operation (which is helpful considering moms always have theirs full!). Available in 3 colors.

Amazon Review: Works great! Bought this to use in a wider space than other baby gates would reach. It installed easily and came with good instructions and templates for drilling holes for mounting screws. Big improvement over old school pet/baby gates. —Ted Hambach

EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate ($45.71)—Buy Now

Safety 1st Pressure Mount Easy Fit Security Gate

This gate is a bit more of a traditional design, but still sturdily built and features a one-handed lock, plus a memory feature so you don't have to refit it every time you move it.

Amazon Review: I like this gate. I have several different styles. This one is among the better made, easy to use gates. It is sturdy, not flimsy like some I have. The rubber tips on the side help the gate stay in place. It appears to have longevity. —Tspgmt

Safety 1st Pressure Mount Easy Fit Security Gate ($61.63)—Buy Now

BalanceForm Easy Walk Through Gate

The BalanceForm has a pressure-mounted design and a gentle auto-close so you don't have to worry about slamming!

Amazon Review: Really easy to install even with our stairs having baseboards that make it an uneven surface between the top and bottom. —Nate Jacobs

BalanceForm Easy Walk Through Gate ($44.97)—Buy Now

SPIRICH Wire Safety Gate

This farmhouse-inspired gate is ideal if you want to keep your home's aesthetic flowing while baby-proofing! It comes in both black and white and offers multiple configurations. 

Amazon Review: Great product and NO assembly required! I would buy this again for sure. This gate is a little more expensive than some I looked at but TOTALLY worth the money. Great quality and no assembly required. The only thing we needed to do was screw in the latches. LOVE LOVE the gate! —Manley

SPIRICH Wire Safety Gate ($112.95)—Buy Now

Summer West End Safety Baby Gate

Honey oak stained wood and a slate metal frame is designed for extra-wide spaces. Gate door features an auto-close that gently closes the gate door behind you and a hold-open feature that keeps the door open, integrated handle and built in door stoppers.

Amazon Review: Purchased as baby gate to block our 14mo. old toddler from a 40"+ opening to our kitchen. Arrived on time, included extensions for wider openings, options for screw or tension mounting, metal/ wood esthetic is perfect for our contemporary style town home. Installation is easy, metal is heavy and sturdy. wood swinging door is lightweight, plastic accessory & mechanism for closure is not as secure compared to the safety 1st gate we also use. Tension has to be adjusted perfectly to operate smoothly & many attempts were made until successful. it feels over time it the plastic closure may fail, so it's almost perfect. the gate is essential for us now and even with those concerns we're satisfied with the product and have no regrets. —Mars

Summer West End Safety Baby Gate ($75.99)—Buy Now

Toddleroo 6-Panel Baby Gate

Whether a free-standing play yard or an extra-long baby gate, this barrier gate is ultra-durable and can expand thanks to the separately sold extra panels.

Amazon Review: I’ve purchased 2 of these and they are amazing. I love how you can hook it to a wall. Perfect for my 1 year old to keep him out of certain rooms and he can’t get his fingers caught or smashed in the gate itself. —C

Toddleroo 6-Panel Baby Gate ($87.99)—Buy Now

The Stair Barrier Banister Safety Gate

This one is great for travel, even if it's just from staircase to staircase. The fabric fits banister-to-banister, so it can be adjusted. Plus, fabric is super tricky for little feet to climb!

Amazon Reviews: Read a few reviews about it sagging. But I went ahead and purchased because the solid gates were not going to work. The cost was $$$ more than I wanted to pay, but I don’t regret it. This barrier adds in flexibility and provides the block needed to stop my 14 month old from climbing the stairs. The three straps work great with my stairs layout. The inserts keep the barrier upright and work great. Add in the fact you can roll it up when not needed is great. Also my Boston Terrier can spring over it to get upstairs as needed. (Trying to stop the baby not the dog). It works great! —Gwendo

The Stair Barrier Banister Safety Gate ($179.99)—Buy Now

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