Baby Merlin Company’s Magic Sleepsuit just won a Totally Awesome Award for “Most Snuggly Sleeping Saviour.” We recently spoke to the company about their experience as business owners, the best advice they’ve ever received and more. Hear what they have to say below!


Red Tricycle: Your community recently voted your Magic Sleepsuit “Most Snuggly Sleeping Saviour” – what do your customers value most about your business?
Baby Merlin Company: The answer to this question remains the most rewarding part of this business for me – parents love the Magic Sleepsuit because it helps their baby sleep better (so they can sleep too!). Parents value the help the Magic Sleepsuit provides, and tell other parents about it. This organic word of mouth marketing has been the main source of our growth which we are very proud of. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We are always here for our customers and want to make sure they are happy with their Magic Sleepsuit purchase. Our goal has been to create a community of support for parents so it is more than just the Magic Sleepsuit – it is parents helping other parents!

RT: What do you want people to know about your business that they don’t already know?
BMC: I’d like people to know that here at Baby Merlin Company, what we do is very personal to us. My staff are all moms that understand our customers and truly want to make their lives easier with their new little ones. We are all extremely passionate about the Magic Sleepsuit and about treating our customers like family.

RT: How did your business get started and what was the motivation?
BMC: I was a tired mom trying to get my first baby to sleep better. I noticed he slept very well in smaller, more contained environments like the car seat or stroller, but would wake after a short period of time in the crib. As a pediatric physical therapist, I understood why that cozy, contained feeling helped him sleep, so I created the first Magic Sleepsuit and it worked like “magic.” I had no intention of creating a product or business at that point, I was just trying to help my baby boy sleep better. I then had my first daughter and pulled out the Magic Sleepsuit and it worked like a charm again. I made some prototypes and shared them with friends and it worked time and time again. That’s when my husband and I did a lot of research and learned there was nothing like the Magic Sleepsuit out on the market. I was motivated as a mom to share this product with other parents since I knew the difference it made for me. So after many years of product and business development (and two more kids), the Magic Sleepsuit was launched. My motivation was at the beginning and remains to share the Magic Sleepsuit with other parents to provide them with a safe swaddle transition product in hopes that it will help their baby sleep better and make everyone happier!

RT: Tell us, what do you start your morning with: 1. coffee 2. tea 3. mimosa 4. water 5. all of the above.
BMC: Coffee and water. And the coffee starts out warm, but usually ends up iced by the time I get to it some mornings!

RT: What is the most awesome thing a customer has ever done for you?
BMC: I had a mom stop me in the grocery store and ask if I was the creator of the Magic Sleepsuit, and when I said yes she gave me the biggest hug and said “Thank you!” The “thank you” calls and emails and I get from customers are my favorite part of this business!

RT: What is your biggest pet peeve as a business owner?
BMC: My biggest pet peeve as a business owner is one of my biggest pet peeves in life, and that is when people are not kind. We need more kindness in this world.

RT: How do you keep your stress levels down?
BMC: This is always tricky as a business owner and mom, but the best thing to keep stress down is probably the hardest thing which is carving out time for myself. Whether it be going for a walk, going to the gym, or reading a good book (my daily devotional book helps me a lot), I always feel better when I take a little time for myself. My husband, Bob, is such a support and a huge part of helping me run our business and family, which helps my stress level tremendously.

RT: What’s your secret superhero power as a business owner?
BMC: I really wish I had a superhero power – that would sure come in hand most days! My secret superhero power is probably multi-tasking. Like many business owners, I wear many hats on any given day – running my business, running our household, driving my four kids around to their activities, going to games and meets, volunteering at school, etc., etc. It can be a bit hectic and crazy, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

RT: Tell us, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received (as a parent or business owner)?
BMC: The best piece of advice I ever received is a bit cliche but so true – enjoy every minute because sometimes the days drag on, but the years fly by. And, boy, is it true! My kids are growing way too fast and I’m trying to savor every minute!

RT: How about the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
BMC: We have many investors and businesses interested in working with us on a regular basis, and we often hear advice that we should be doing this, that, and the other thing to grow our business even more. We’ve believed in growing conservatively from the beginning, and have never been willing to compromise our mission of sharing the Magic Sleepsuit with other parents to provide them with a safe swaddle transition option for their babies. It has always been about the babies first, not our bottom line. I’ve learned that when you do something you truly believe in and you treat people well, it pays off in the long run.

RT: Is there a special offer you’d like to include for Red Tricycle readers?
BMC: RedTri15 – This discount code will give Red Tricycle readers 15% off their order.  Happy Shopping!


Check out their website here.


Photo credit: Baby Merlin Company

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