Love is always a wonderful meaning for a name, and there are baby names meaning love for baby girls and boys in every language and style, including the Welsh names Rhys and Carys and the African Obi, the classic David, and the new word name, Love itself. You can include names with a range of meanings related to love and names that reference different kinds of love, from charitable love to romantic love to spiritual love. Included here are names that mean loving, names that mean beloved, names that mean desire, names that mean heart, and even names that mean lovely.

A boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “loved,” Amias or Amyas is a unique name with an attractive sound and feel. Though it might sound like a Biblical name, it is not. It is a surname that may be related to Amadeus or even be a male version of Amy.

The name Aziza is a girl’s name of Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili origin meaning “powerful and beloved.” All in all, an attractive and interesting option; a Turkish variation is Azize. In African mythology, the Azizi are a supernatural race of forest dwellers who give practical and spiritual advice.

The name Carina is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “dear little one.”

The name Corwin is a boy’s name meaning “heart’s friend.”

The name Davis is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “beloved.” Davis is a fresh way to say David. Some sources define it as “son of David,” but we see it as a surname spin on the original.

The name Dua is a girl’s name meaning “love, prayer.” Dua is one of those names made famous by a single celebrity: British-Albanian model-singer Dua Lipa. It’s simple, modern, and appealing, and may find a wider audience thanks to its attractive namesake.

The name Esme is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of French origin meaning “loved, admired.”

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The name Kerensa is a girl’s name of Cornish origin meaning “love.” Kerensa, forever romantic, is a rare Cornish name spelled with an ‘s’ or ‘z’, the most modern of the Karen family. Kerensa (or Kerenza) has ties to the Welsh Cerys.

The name Lennon is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “lover.” Lennon first came to notice when Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit used it for their son in 1999, and singer-musician Adam Pascal followed their lead two years later. Thanks in part to female singer and actress Lennon Stella, it’s now more popular for girls than for boys.

The name Lev is a boy’s name of Hebrew, Russian origin meaning “heart; lion.” This concise one-syllable name has two possible derivations and two positive meanings associated with it. In Hebrew, it means “heart”, while in Russian it means “lion”. So strong and simple Lev has both a soft and a fierce side.

The name Nayeli is a girl’s name of Zapotec origin meaning “I love you.”

The name Priya is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning “beloved.” In India, where names are often given based on one’s birthday and horoscope, Priya is traditionally given to girls born in August.

The name Rhys is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Welsh origin meaning “ardor.”

In the Shona language of southern Africa, this simple and wearable boy’s name means love.

One of the most familiar and usable Asian names, the name Suki is a girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “loved one.”

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