Tap into your inner photographer with these baby photo props!

If you have a baby, you know how busy life got as soon as your little bundle of joy arrived. Some days, anything “extra” feels impossible. Feeding, changing, napping, and playing is the general routine, so anything more can feel less than easy. And that’s completely okay, because those are the most important things and take priority. You aren’t required to do it “all”, and that absolutely includes finding the time to hire a professional photographer every few weeks to get those precious snaps of your little one. The good news is, you definitely don’t have to. Because we’ve found the best baby photo props on Amazon for you to DIY it all!

If it sounds daunting, stick with us. How much easier would it be to pop open a plastic tub filled with photo props that are perfect for babies, grab your phone, and take those pictures you’ve been wanting without having to hire a photographer? If there’s anything we appreciate when we have kids, especially teeny tiny ones, is not having to find a way to get somewhere on time (like a professional photo shoot), and saving some money. Don’t get us wrong—if you want completely pro-quality pics, a photographer is a must. We’re definitely not ignoring the talent that’s out there! We’re just hoping to give you some alternatives so you can have more pictures, more time, and more options. Of course, you’ll also want to download the Tinybeans App for sharing all those adorable pictures privately, so make sure that’s your first stop. Then, read on for our list of baby photo props you can get from Amazon!

Editor’s Note: Please make sure to follow all baby safety precautions while taking their picture. Keeping your little one safe and secure at all times is imperative. Check out this article for some safety tips. 

4-Piece Baby Photo Prop Set

This set is available in purple, grey, pink, and white, and includes two baby headbands, a wrap, and a faux fur blanket for lots of options!

4-Piece Baby Photo Prop Set ($21.98)—Buy Now

Baby Pillow Posing Props

This set comes with one donut pillow, one round pillow, and two rectangle pillows. They're supportive for little ones and can be used along with baskets, blankets, and more!

Baby Pillow Posing Props ($29.95)—Buy Now

Plush Unicorn Pillow Prop

The textured faux lambskin fabric gives this sweet unicorn prop some extra texture and is perfect for a magical little babe!

Plush Unicorn Pillow Prop ($31.99)—Buy Now

Panda Bear Baby Suit

This one actually comes in 15 different options, but the panda really got us.

Panda Bear Baby Suit ($18.99-$25.99)—Buy Now

Baby Spa Bathrobe and Head Towel Props

Available in either pink or white, this iddy-biddy little spa set even includes little cucumbers!

Baby Spa Bathrobe and Head Towel Props ($17.99)—Buy Now

Harry Potter Baby Photo Prop

Inspire the next generation of Harry Potter fans with this set worthy of a wee wizard!

Harry Potter Baby Photo Prop ($16.99)—Buy Now

Baby Angel 5-Piece Prop

One set of wings, one headpiece, one bow, and a set of arrows makes this set great for Valentine's Day!

Baby Angel 5-Piece Prop ($14.99)—Buy Now

Grey Fabric Photography Backdrop

It can be tricky to find a neutral background around the house for photos, so we're really digging this washable backdrop (it's also available in brown and pink). You'll need to use this with a backdrop stand like this one.

Grey Fabric Photography Backdrop ($17.79)—Buy Now

Mermaid Photo Prop Set

Your little mer-baby is going to be the talk of the sea in this little mermaid photo prop set!

Mermaid Photo Prop Set ($14.99)—Buy Now

Blue Dino Photo Set

If dinosaurs are your babe's jurassic jam, this little set is going to help you create lots of memories!

Blue Dino Photo Set ($13.99)—Buy Now

Crescent Moon Posing Pillow

You already love them to the moon and back, so this crescent moon posing pillow and little pillow stars just makes sense. It also comes in pink and grey!

Crescent Moon Posing Pillow ($28.99)—Buy Now

Bokeh Photo Backdrop

Skip the glitter (that's not exactly baby-friendly) and try out this ultra-pretty bokeh (the blurred light halos that show up in photographs) backdrop! It's also available in pink, silver, and turquoise.

Bokeh Photo Backdrop ($15.99)—Buy Now

Rustic Baby Milestone Blocks

Babies change from moment to moment, so documenting milestones is almost necessary! We really like these blocks since they give so many options for photos.

Rustic Baby Milestone Blocks ($29.95)—Buy Now

Multicolored Photo Prop Pillows

These uniquely-shaped prop pillows are kiddo-ready and can easily be mixed and matched!

Multicolored Photo Prop Pillows ($28.99)—Buy Now

Baby Western Prop Set

A little vest, tiny hat, and baby boots mean you'll have the cutest cowpoke in the west on your hands!

Baby Western Prop Set ($18.99)—Buy Now

Baby Basketball Photo Props

This one is a slam dunk! It comes with a basketball hat and little baby net.

Baby Basketball Photo Props ($13.99)—Buy Now

Baby Basket Photo Prop

This beautiful basket can be used for so much, and you can start with taking some ultra-cute pictures!

Baby Basket Photo Prop ($75.00)—Buy Now

White Wooden Bowl Photo Prop

This is a great alternative to a basket and we love the white wash. It's also easy to use after your baby outgrows it!

White Wooden Bowl Photo Prop ($115.99)—Buy Now

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