The Baby Shark Valentine’s Song Will Have Your Kids Falling in Love With the Tune All Over Again

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Just when you thought the Baby Shark craze was subsiding, another holiday arrives to bring it all back. This time, you might just love it!

Pinkfong’s massive hit “Baby Shark” has spawned plenty of remixes and covers on the song that you just can’t seem to ever get out of your head. The Baby Shark Valentine’s song follows the formula of all the rest, with the doo-doo-doos and the entire shark family joining in the heart-filled fun, but somehow the holiday of love manages to soften the song just enough to be tolerable.

“Valentine’s Day Sharks” as the song is dubbed, follows the Shark family as they gather flowers, balloons and cards for their loved ones. Instead of running in fear, the sea animals in the background are dancing and feeling the love.

The best part by far, is the breakdown at the end, where you get some relief from the doo-doo-doos as the sharks belt a rendition of “Skidamarink” to bring it home. Your kids are guaranteed to fall in love with Baby Shark all over again, and you might actually sing along.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pinkfong via YouTube



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