Put these twin Halloween costumes on your super spooky to-make list this October

Group costumes give Halloween some extra magic. And these clever Halloween costumes are versatile enough to work whether you want twin costumes for Halloween or outfits for triplets, older siblings, kid friends or even family costumes. From the cutest condiments and nursery rhymes to animals, snacks and more, you’ll find your favorites here.

1. Superheroes


Onesies, felt and fabric transform into superhero costumes with a little DIY magic from you. Our friends at Primary have shared the instructions for creating Baby Superman, Baby Batman and Baby Wonder Woman. And you can easily adapt the techniques to add more superfriends to your crew.

DIY instructions available at primary.com.



Turn your twins into the President and VP with this ingenious costume idea shared by Ergobaby. The kids stay snug in their baby carrier while you and your partner dress in dark suits and sunglasses as the Secret Service. 

3. Milk & Cookies

The Spunky Stork

2. Milk & Cookies: Your little ones will be the treat this year in adorable milk & cookies t-shirts or onesies. Add a white hat and leggings for the milk carton and brown duds for the cookies. These Spunky Stork twin sets also come in other favorite food combos: PB&J, biscuits & gravy, pancakes & syrup, avocado toast, and fish & chips.

Available at thespunkystork.com, $34 for the pair.

4. Ketchup & Mustard

Etsy shop Buzz Bear Studio

As if your twin babies didn’t look tasty enough on their own, the classic condiment combo comes together in this adorable ketchup and mustard bodysuit costume set, available in short or long sleeves.

Available at Buzz Bear Studio on etsy.com, $34.

5. Alvin & the Chipmunks:


They're the chipmunksAlvin, Simon, Theodore! This quick DIY, courtesy of our kid-favorite clothing brand Primary, turns your wild bunch into these adorable chipmunks while keeping them warm and cozy on Halloween.

DIY instructions available at primary.com.

6. Salt & Pepper


Show the world how much your kids have spiced up your life by dressing them in matching salt and pepper bodysuits. These come in seven colors and a range of baby and toddler sizes.

Available at apericots.com, $22 for the set.

7. M&M Candies


These long-sleeve pajamas have snaps for easy diaper changes and come in five bright colors. M&Ms may melt in your mouth and not in your hands, but people will definitely melt when they see your crew dressed up as this sweet treat.

Available at amazon.com, $13-$23.

8. Rainbow & Cloud

Etsy shop The Costume Cafe

The forecast is cloudy with a chance of adorable when your twins don these sunny rainbow and rain cloud costumes for Halloween. Handmade from felt and fleece, they are loose enough to layer clothes underneath.

Available at The Costume Cafe on etsy.com, $140+.

9. Elmo & Cookie Monster

Party City

Is your child more of a cookie monster or a giggle monster? Party City sells Elmo and Cookie Monster costumes designed as fuzzy jumpsuits and tutu dresses. you can join the fun too with their low-key adult costumes, consisting of a t-shirt and headband in either an Elmo or Cookie Monster theme.

Available at partycity.com, $30 each.

10. This Little Piggy


This little piggy jumpsuit with ears and a snout on the hood will look adorable on your whole crew of multiples or baby friends. The booties have skid-resistant bottoms, and the snap enclosures make for easy diaper changes.

Available at amazon.com, $22+.

11. Toy Story Characters

Disguise Store

Toy Story rivals turned best friends Buzz Lightyear and Woody are great for twin costumes. Need a third costume? It’s Jessie to the rescue!

Available at Amazon (see links above); prices vary.

12. Butterfly & Caterpillar

Princess Paradise

Have your very own butterfly garden this Halloween when you dress your babies up in the Princess Paradise Baby Swaddle Wings. Keep them cocooned in the swaddle for the caterpillar look or open it up and watch those wings spread for the butterfly pose.

Available at amazon.com, $44 for one.

13. Mickey & Minnie


Dress boy-girl twins as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with these sweet, budget-friendly costumes from Walmart.

Available at walmart.com (see links above); $15-$24.


14. Lion & Tiger & Bear


Oh my! Get this Wizard of Oz-inspired look for your little ones with soft and cuddly versions of a liontiger and bear from InCharacter. They come in a variety of sizes for toddler triplets (or friends) and even older siblings. Mom can be Dorothy.

Available at amazon.com (see links above), prices vary by costume and size.

15. Colorful Crayons

Etsy Shop Ginger Peach Tea

Dress your whole family in colorful crayon onesies and t-shirts. These come in baby bodysuits, toddler t-shirts, youth shirts, women’s slim tees, and men’s tees and an array of bright colors.

Available at Etsy shop Ginger Peach Tee; $17+.

16. Peas & Carrots

Etsy shop The Costume Cafe

Your twins go together like—well, you know the rest of the saying—when they wear these too cute to eat peas and carrot costumes. They are handmade from fleece, felt and netting and will fit over heavier clothes in colder climates.

Available at Etsy shop The Costume Cafe, $125 for the set.

17. Thing 1 & Thing 2

Etsy shop Little Things by Nicky

Dr. Seuss’s mischievous duo make for great Halloween fun. The Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes from Etsy shop Little Things by Nicky include two bodysuits that are more practical and comfortable than a traditional costume. An older sibling can get in on the theme with a Cat in the Hat getup.

Available at etsy.com, $14+.

18. Hansel & Gretel

Etsy shop Ada's Accessories for Me

There’s no doubting these two are in it for the treats when they dress as these candy-loving fairy-tale siblings. This Hansel and Gretel costume set comes in sizes for babies, toddlers and older kids.

Available at Etsy shop Ada’s Accessories for Me, $75+ for the set.

19. Pooh & Friends

Disguise Store

Bring the Hundred Acre Wood to your neighborhood with Pooh and Tigger.

Available on amazon.com (see links above); prices vary.

20. Alice in Wonderland


No need to venture down the rabbit hole to find the perfect Alice in Wonderland costumes for your littles. HalloweenCostumes.com has AliceLil’ Hatter and Cheshire Cat baby costumes, as well as options for adults if you want in on the theme.

Available at halloweencostumes.com (see links above); prices vary.

Katie L. Carroll & Eva Ingvarson Cerise


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