Santa hats, stuffies, Christmas decor, and visits from big red himself!

Everybody looks forward to Christmas card photos with cute babies. You don’t need to be a seasoned photographer or Pinterest pro to take them; you just need one great photo idea. And we have nine ideas for your baby’s first Christmas card that’ll put them front and center in that holiday photo.


a snowman is a cute idea for baby's first christmas card

A white swaddling blanket or long t-shirt, a colorful scarf, and a hat are all it takes to turn your baby into a wintery snowman, I mean, snow baby. Pose a stuffed snowman alongside for an added touch and everyone who sees the photos will want to give your child warm hugs.

A Visit from Santa

cottonbro via Pexels

Plan a pre-holiday visit from Santa to get some memorable photos for your baby's first Christmas card. A beloved grandparent, friend, or even dad can play the role of the big guy to create moments they'll both treasure.

A Favorite Stuffed Animal

use stuffed animals as props in baby's first christmas card

A favorite stuffie is a great way to keep your child from howling their way through holiday card photos. Baby will love on their stuffie like they always do, leading to adorable photos. Re-create the photo with the same stuffed animal every year to show how much your child has grown.

Baby Santa


Sometimes the simplest setup turns into the most incredible photos. A Santa hat is all you need to convey the Christmas spirit and capture some snaps of your child touching it, holding it, pulling it off, or falling asleep with it on.

Santa’s Legs as a Backdrop

If your baby is still learning to sit, leaning back against Santa’s legs will help you get the shot. This photo idea from Precious Moments Photography gives you a fun new way to incorporate Santa as a backdrop. Black boots, white fuzzy fabric, and red fabric positioned to look like pants are all you need for the Santa stand-in. Bonus: That person can also help keep your little one entertained and looking picture-perfect during the shoot.

Baby in a Gift Box

baby's first christmas card ideas: put baby in a gift box

What better way to convey that babies are a gift? To create your gift box, cut off the flaps on one side and cover the box with holiday wrapping paper. Add a big bow—to both the box and your baby—and pop your little one inside. Babies and toddlers usually enjoy being in boxes, so the smiles and cute expressions should come naturally. If they don't, add small toys that stay out of sight.

Baby’s First Sandman

Danielle May Photography

Take advantage of the beach for your child's holiday card debut. Take a cue from Danielle May Photography and build a sandman that will give friends and family warm fuzzies this winter.

Beautiful Baubles

Shanna Simpson Photography

An assortment of colorful ornaments in deep jewel tones, classic red and green, or gold and white helps you re-create this card idea from Shanna Simpson Photography. Mix in glittery, matte, and traditional balls for extra dimension, and let your beautiful baby shine in the center.

Playing in the Christmas Lights

using twinkle lights in baby's first christmas card is fun
Red Lotus Photography

With white holiday lights, leg warmers, and a fluffy mat, you can re-create this cozy holiday photo from Red Lotus Photography for your baby's first Christmas card. Vary the shot by swapping the leg warmers for other cute holiday gear.


with additional reporting by Eva Ingvarson Cerise

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