Don’t be scared by the peak temperatures — it’s prime time for fun. Distract your little one from the heat with cool-to-the-touch sensory bags. Make them yourself with stuff around the house, from frozen peas to hair gel. Scroll down for the ideas, and get your fridge ready!

Super Chilly Water Bead Bag
Ice cubes can be too intense and slippery for tiny hands to handle, so introduce your babe to this chilly water bead bag. Each bead maintains its shape without turning the bag into a block of ice. Click over to Familylicious for the tutorial.

Photo courtesy of Familylicious

Frozen Peas Sensory Bag
Here’s a chance for your explorer to experience a cold mess without any mushy cleanup! Let him or her poke, prod and mash frozen peas for endless fun. Whether they use their fingers or a rolling pin, the feeling of popping frosty peas will make them giggle with delight. Get the How-To at A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Photo by Katie Pinch of A Little Pinch of Perfect

Sparkle Shine Sensory Bag
Your little snowball isn’t going to be able to keep hands off this wintry, iridescent bag. The crisp snow crunching in their small palms will make them forget all about the humidity. Find out how to make summertime snow from Growing a Jeweled Rose here.

Photo courtesy of Growing a Jeweled Rose

DIY Cooling Sensory Bag
Make your own cooling sensory bag to help beat the heat. Fill a ziplock bag with all kinds of knickknacks, knowing that none of them will end up in your infant’s mouth. Then squirt in some hair gel, and throw the bag into the fridge for a few hours. Violá! Learn the tricks to making a foolproof sensory bag over at Plain Vanilla Mom.

 Photo courtesy of Jen Haas

Giant Outdoor Water Sensory Bed
Looking for a sensory experience that engages the entire body? If you’re planning to spend all days outdoors, or have a party with playgroup friends, this gigantic water bed could be the answer to helping your little swimmers beat the heat. If you have a really young one, make it on a smaller scale, like a private island for your infant. Check out the leak-proof tutorial from Homemade Toast.

 Photo credit: heartbroken_stupid via Imgur

Watermelon Sensory Bag
Riff on your favorite cold and crisp summertime fruit. Grab a ziplock bag, hair gel, some red food coloring and watermelon seeds (or black beans) and swirl it all together. Use green tape to seal the edges and then toss it in the fridge to keep it cold. Instead of playing with real food, they can now push at these seeds until the sun goes down. What an awesome idea from Fantastic Fun and Learning!

Photo credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Ice Cream in a Bag
Got an older kiddo that can really shake and a wee one that likes to squish and taste? This bag is the perfect family bonding project that hands big and small can take part in. Let your baby feel the bag before and after. If you’re up for the challenge, let them give the bag a couple of good shakes. Learn how to make ice cream in a bag over at A Little Pinch of Perfect.

 Photo by Katie Pinch of A Little Pinch of Perfect

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— Christal Yuen

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