8 FREE YouTube Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

Ready to lose the baby weight, but don’t have a gym membership or much time away from your little one? We hear you! Ease yourself back into the game and get moving at home with free online workout videos. We searched YouTube to find the best free fitness videos you can do with your baby in tow. Whether your newborn is just lying on a mat beside you, or if you’re holding your older baby close in a carrier, there’s a youtube workout for every mama trying to get back into shape. If you’ve got your clearance to workout from your doctor, try one of these workouts.

Videos From Tinybeans

Baby & Me Yoga with Molly Sims

This professional-quality video was produced by Tom’s of Maine and Los Angeles’ Zooga Yoga and stars Molly Sims to keep you motivated. The 15-minute postnatal yoga session combines stretches and toning exercises. While most of the workout has your baby laying on your mat, the final few minutes features a few moves that your little one will love – being held, kissed and lifted up and down.

Cross Train With Your Baby

New mom, blogger and Youtube fitness trainer Sarah Fit, filmed this quick cross training routine with her baby. She’ll show you how to use your baby as a weight (it’s not as unloving as it sounds!). The video is only about 5 minutes long, but don’t worry, it’ll take you longer than that to complete the calorie-blasting workout. Sarah takes you through four exercise and includes the number of reps and sets you should do along with smart tips on technique and new mommy issues.

20-Minute Baby Wearing Workout

JessicaSmithTV takes on a mommy and me workout by having her postnatal client wear her baby in a carrier for the session. The low-impact cardio routine, will get your heart rate up and keeps you moving so you don’t have time to get bored. The carrier keeps your hands free, while your baby gets to enjoy the movement as you squat, march, do leg lifts, squat and more.

Squats, Lunges & Baby, Oh My!

Shayna Frasco Rose, a certified trainer and mama, created this quick full body workout incorporating your baby. Be sure that your little one can hold his head up on his own before trying it. In just 5 minutes you’ll complete lunges, squats, biceps curls and abs. The heavier your baby is, the harder the workout will be.

Mommy & Me Full Body Toner

Fitness trainer BekahFit, who offers more videos on her website for a monthly fee, shows you nine mom plus baby moves in this 6.5 minute video. While BekahFit talks you through each exercise, you’ll see her sister and niece demonstrating. You’ll do everything from mountain climbers to squats with an overhead (baby) press.

Weighting Game

If you have a set of free weights, or have a gym in your apartment building that you can take your baby to without getting dirty looks from other gym goers, this routine from Sterling Jackson is for you. You’ll wear your baby in a front carrier, so your hands are free to do biceps curls, triceps dips and more. At the end, you’ll take Baby out and place him on a mat so you can interact with him during a few core exercises. Note: if you weren’t into fitness pre-baby, this mommy and me workout will be too advanced.

Entertain Baby With a Cardio Blast

Watch this 2-minute video to learn a sequence of 6 baby weight-burning exercises along with recommended reps and sets. Don’t let the new mom’s near perfect bod deter you. You’ll start with burpees and with squats with lateral raises. You won’t hold your baby or get her in on the action of this workout, but the video does show you how to do these moves while your baby is watching, and hopefully entertained by your sweat session. Good luck!

Head to Toe Mama & Baby Session

Fitness pro Phyl London will instruct you through a 15-minute total body, mommy and baby workout. You’ll start with a few core exercises, work on push ups (which Baby will enjoy as you kiss her little head!), add the weight of baby to some sets of squats and lunges and more.

Do you have a favorite Youtube workout? Share it in the comments below.

–Julie Seguss


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