The first few months with baby are a whirlwind of fear, adrenaline, cuddles, and binge-watching, all played out on a foundation of eat-burp-sleep-repeat. But then your baby “wakes up.” And by this, I mean they’re no longer a dozy potato content to sleep most of the day away and they actually need some stimulation. So you Google “baby game ideas” and “fun activities with infants” and get outside and try to invoke your inner Pinterest mom with homemade instruments and sensory bags. But what do you do when you’re sick of all your go-tos? We’ve got you. Here are a list of fun infant activities for when you’ve run out of things to do and need a little inspiration (without using up too much of those last ounces of energy). 

1. Put your baby in a box (or a laundry basket)

Yup, you heard us right! If you’ve got an infant who’s eager to play but can’t really crawl or climb or walk, pop them in a contained space with a few random household items. Think the remote, a piece of felt, a soft ball, and a ladle.  

2. Make a baby burrito

When your tiny human becomes obsessed with rolling, they’ll love this one. Lay a thin blanket down on the ground and tuck one side into your infant’s pants or around their body like a swaddle. Then let them roll and roll and get all wrapped up. When they stop rolling, yell “Burrito!” and watch for giggles.

3. Magic box

Grab an empty tissue box and fill it with random soft items, like scarves, little stuffies, socks, and crinkle toys. While your baby is sitting or on their tummy, let them explore what’s in the box and pull it all out. When they’re done, pop everything back in and do it all over again!

4. Go for a boat ride

Older babies love to play “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” on mommy or daddy’s tummy. Sit your infant either straddling your stomach or sitting in front of you and hold their hands, pulling them back and forth slowly and carefully while singing the nursery rhyme. Tots practicing standing can play on their feet. 

5. Kick up some cool sounds

Nothing like a little noise to get an infant excited, especially when they’re the one making it. Lie your little on their back and anchor some tissue paper under a cushion by their feet, sticking out enough that they can kick it and hear the sounds it makes. Watch the delight on their face as they build muscle strength in their legs. This is great for giving old crumpled tissue paper new life.

6. The greatest show-mom

When your babe is still too small to crawl or toddle away, grab a few stuffies and act out a simple story to your audience’s delight. The best part? You can fudge your lines all you want and babe will be none the wiser. 

7. Take a trip down memory lane

Find that old box of printed high school or college photos you stashed in the back of the closet and pull it out for your little audience of one. Tell baby all about your old exploits as you show them the photos. If you were rocking some particularly questionable looks (or partners), rest assured that baby won’t judge. 

8. Sheet-pan water party

A little mid-day water play never hurts, especially when you knock out some tummy time in the process. Lay a towel out on the floor and put a sheet pan on top. Pour a little water into the pan, just enough to run from edge to edge, lay your infant down on one side, and let them have at it. 

9. Spa day

Give your little a nice long bubble bath and let them spend some time luxuriating. Once they’re ready to come out, put on a fun song and sing along while you give them a baby massage, gently rubbing their arms, legs, and tummy. Just remember, if your babe isn’t feeling the massage, don’t push it (but keep the sing-a-long going!).

10. Have a chat

Baby loves your voice (if you carried them, they listened to it for nine months in the womb!), so position yourselves face to face and have a little tete-a-tete. Say something and wait for your tot to respond however they choose, and go back and forth like you’re having a conversation. You can also throw in some imitation fun by making interesting sounds or positioning your mouth in fun ways (make an “o” with your lips or stick out your tongue) and giving them a chance to imitate you. 

11. The world’s a stage 

Your mini-me loves your face, and just about anything you do, which is why listening to you narrate your chores will have them smiling ear to ear. Turn your daily to-dos into a performance for baby by singing your way through sweeping or explaining what you’re doing in the sing-songiest voice while baby watches from their bouncer or high chair, a seated position, or during tummy time. 

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