Lullaby Karaoke is the New Way to Rock Baby to Sleep

If you think about it, getting a baby to sleep is a lot like karaoke night with your friends: There’s a lot of singing, someone has to be carried to bed, and details are a bit hazy in the morning. The two are practically destined to be a winning combination. Introducing Lullaby Karaoke, the new app that does just that.


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Here’s how it works: Pick a popular lullaby, then choose from accompanying instruments — piano, bells, guitar and others, depending on the song. Click the recording button and croon along to the lyrics that highlight slowly, karaoke-style. Once you’re done, save the recording as an mp3 file, play back, delete or record again. There’s even a charming little animation to help tots along in their journey to la-la land.


The app really stands out for its sharing options. Send recordings to Grandma via e-mail, share with other Lullaby users, or make your debut on Facebook or Twitter. Create playlists, keep baby’s favorite on repeat, or jazz things up by shuffling songs. Little ones will love hearing Mom or Dad’s voice, or your mini American Idol can record his or her own. Hey, parents need help falling asleep, too.

Download the app on iTunes or Android; the first song is free, and one $2.99 purchase unlocks the other nine.

Would you try Lullaby Karaoke? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Selena Kohng


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