We know what you’re thinking, and it’s not what it looks like. Okay, it’s exactly what it looks like. But trust us, push past the squeamishness and you’ll discover a genius product. Otteroo is making big waves in the baby industry, helping babies eight weeks old up to 35 pounds get splash-happy and stay afloat safely.

Pediatrician approved, Otteroo submerges pint-sized landlubbers from the neck down and can be used in a bath or swimming pool. The inflatable plastic ring fits around baby’s neck, and has a chin rest and rounded, smooth edges to avoid discomfort. When baby uses it in water, his or her heavy noggin and flailing limbs become weightless, giving him or her a whole new way to explore movement.

Similar products have been popular in other countries for a while, but Otteroo stands out thanks to high quality, toxin-free plastic, easy click-in strap and circular openings to let water drain.

Start with the Otteroo in the bathtub and transition to the pool. While the sensation may be strange and new at first, babies take to it quickly. The interior rim expands, too, making it a perfect fit every time or easy for a baby and toddler to share. Need another nudge? Watch the video below of happy swimmers. We think it’s pretty convincing.

Otteroo retails for $35 and can be purchased online at otteroo.com.

What do you think of Otteroo? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Selena Kohng

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