Whether your baby is doing an army crawl on their elbows or a sprint on all fours, crawling is a game-changer, adding new fun activities and putting major baby-proofing-pressure on parents. Here are 15 items, from safety must-haves to fun toys, that’ll make your life with a tiny mover easier.

Clever Cabinet Locks

Lock away breakables and cleaning supplies with the Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System. Cabinet locks come in all forms, from the slide locks that wrap around knobs in the front to the latches that go inside of them. Although they can take some time to install, magnetic locks are the most secure of the bunch. Pick up extra magnetic keys so you won't get locked out of your cabinets along with your little one.

Available at amazon.com, $24.75.

A Fun Tunnel

Once your baby is on the move, they'll love having new places to go. A tunnel gives them a fun place to crawl through and hide, with interesting colors and textures. Especially great for small apartments and rainy days indoors. 

Available at ikea.com, $14.99.

Animals on Wheels

Your newly mobile babe loves having toys that go where they go. These Animals on Wheels are a fresh alternative to pushing cars and trucks through the house. Each one comes with a handle that makes it easy for new crawlers to hold on to. These toys are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.

Available at greentoys.com, $12.99.

Pants with Safety Grips

Hardwood floors can be slippery for crawlers. Go Little One Go puts safety grips on the knees of cute leggings so babies have traction while they're on the move. These pants are machine washable and come in a bunch of colors, including black, pink and indigo. 

Available at golittleonego.com, $19.99.

Lots of Bells and Whistles

Sometimes, you might want your on-the-go kid to stay in place for a few minutes. That's when a learning table comes in handy. Featuring musical instruments and more than 70 songs, the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity Center can be plopped on the floor for crawlers to explore, or put up on the included legs when your crawler starts pulling up to stand. 

Available at amazon.com, $39.82.

Anti-Shock Outlet

Outlets are unfortunately at baby height, so they're enticing for little fingers. Keep them off limits with sliding outlet covers, like KidCo's Universal Outlet Cover. Slide the cover to plug something in, and then when you remove the plug, the cover slides back into place. 

Available at walmart.com, $8.43.

Balls that Shake, Rattle and Roll

Now that your baby can go, go, go, they'll love crawling to catch this adorable, rattling ball from Skip Hop, which comes complete with teethers, beads and openings that make it easy to grasp. Comes in three adorable animals: hedgehog, fox and owl.

Available at skiphop.com, $8.

Rolling Balls

Tire out your baby before naptime with the Little Tikes Li'l Ocean Explorers Ball Chase Octopus. It automatically releases balls from the octopus's tentacles, so your baby will have lots of opportunities to chase after the colored balls. It also teaches fine motor skills and coordination.

Available at target.com, $18.14.

Cord Organizer Extraordinaire

Keep dangling cords in control and out of reach of curious baby hands with the Hanging Cable Loft Cord Keeper. Thought up by industrial design students from the Rhode Island School of Design, it'll keep six cords from tangling on the floor behind your desk, while a silicone strip keeps the whole thing in place.

Available at containerstore.com, $14.99.

Pint-size Cab for Your Cutie

Crawlers love to chase after rolling toys, and you'll love this one because it's made of reclaimed wood, so it's eco-friendly. Non-toxic, VOC-free paint means your little one won't be exposed to harmful chemicals when they decide to give it a nibble.

Available at boutiquelittle.com, $22.

Secure TV Straps

Your crawler will be pulling themselves up to stand in no time. And that means many new things become accessible to them, including televisions that aren't mounted to the wall. To keep your baby from pulling the TV onto themselves, get some heavy-duty straps to secure it in place, like these anti-tip TV straps from Teddykins.

Available at amazon.com, $11.95.

A Wobbly Bobbly Ball

Here's another ball your baby is sure to love. It doesn't roll across the floor like any old ball, it vibrates and wobbles in all different directions, making ball play even more fun for newbie crawlers.

Available at target.com, $12.89.

Safer Laundry Detergent Packaging

Crawlers love discovering new things and then putting them in their mouths. So keep cleaning products up high and locked away, especially laundry detergent pods. Tide Pods Child-Guard Pack comes with a child-guard zipper for a little extra protection and peace of mind.

Available at amazon.com, $16.99.

Crawling Bee Buddy

This supercute bee uses lights, music and buzzing sounds to entertain and encourage your little crawler. The bee is removable for even more play, and the cloud it's cradled in can move in circles or a random pattern to keep your baby intrigued.

Available at skiphop.com, $25.

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Crawlers are ready to move from slipper socks to adorable moccasins. This handmade pair from Etsy seller Curly and Gus Baby Co comes adorned with woodland animals: bunnies, owls and foxes. You can choose faux suede soles that won't slip, or pick waterproof rubber soles that are extra grippy.

Available at etsy.com, $19.63.

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