Up Your Baby Photo Game With 12 Instagram-Worthy Props

Make sure your Instagram and Facebook photos are instant hits by arming yourself with some pro-style props. From sheepskin rugs to the sweetest bow ties, here are a few of our favorite items to make your baby photos stand out.

Get a baby milestone blanket

Copper Pearl

This darling milestone blanket from Copper Pearl makes for adorable monthly photos and is soft enough to use as a swaddle or receiving blanket. You'll just need something to highlight or encircle the correct month, like a picture frame, leaves, pompoms, floral wreath or ribbon. Pro tip: Copper Pearl sells top knot hats ($12.50) in a matching pattern for babies 0-4 months. Once baby has outgrown the hat, you can use it to indicate the correct month.

Available at copperpearl.com, $24.95.

Snuggle on a sheepskin rug

RebeccaVC1 via Flickr

Photographing your baby on a sheepskin rug instantly creates a classic, cozy shot you're sure to get comments on. There's no need to splurge on a large run; a 2 foot by 3 foot rug is big enough for your little babe. Post-photo, the rug becomes a soft spot for playtime.

Available at potterybarn.com, $99.


Dress up your girl in a headband

Skip the outfit and adorn your baby only in a sweet headband and bloomer set. Wait for your girl to take a snooze and then break out the camera!

Available at ellasbows.com, $23.95. You can also purchase the headband alone for $11.95.

Dress up your boy in a bowtie

Dress your newborn boy up like a little man for maximum cuteness. This soft and sweet handmade getup includes crocheted pants and suspenders in addition to the bowtie.

Available at etsy,com, $36.

Spread out a baby blanket

Sometimes all you need to take an image from amateur to pro is an eye-catching background. Pick a colorful blanket to lay your baby on, and just like that you've improved your picture. Baby Tula has 3-packs of super soft swaddles that offer both solid colors and a fun pattern. They're also great for wrapping and covering naked wee ones for sweet shots.

Available at babytula.com, $65 for set of 3.

Build your story with blocks

If you plan to take monthly snaps of your baby in the first year and beyond, this clever set of blocks makes it easy. It includes three blocks with the numbers 0 - 9, and these words: days weeks, months, and years. The blocks also look great on a bookshelf and are a tactile way to help baby learn letters.

Available at stickybellies.com, $16.

Make a blanket statement

Take a photo of your baby on one of Coveted Things' wordy swaddles. If the above phrase doesn't suit your style, pick a sweeter saying such as, "You are my greatest adventure," or "I love you to the moon and back."

Available at shop.projectnursery.com, $40.

Prop baby with a giant plush toy

Oversized plush toys not only make great nursery decorations, but they're also sweet props for pictures. Take photos with the stuffie monthly to see how your little one grows in relation to it. Of course, for safety, you should never leave your sleeping baby unattended with a plush toy or put it in the crib, but this elephant makes a fun friend to lean on at playtime.

Available at amazon.com, $20.99.

Personalize your photos with baby's monogram or name

Announce your newborn's name with a personalized hat and blanket set. This makes for a great announcement photo, and you can continue to use the blanket as a backdrop for monthly baby photos.

Available at etsy.com, $53.

Lay out a graphic playmat

Having a soft and comfy spot for playtime and tummy time is important for your baby anyway, so why not choose a graphic option like this black and white wonder. The simple color combo offers a striking backdrop for baby photos, or you can add a colorful blanket or rug underneath for even more contrast.

Available at Etsy store The Bears Design on etsy.com, $77.48.

Make a scene with wall decals

Removable wall stickers add a magical background to your baby photos. These decals come with individual pieces that can be repositioned to create a customized scene behind baby, and do double duty as nursery decor.

Available at amazon.com, $18.99.

Get creative with pillows

Prop up your baby for a photo on a clever pillow like this one. As with some of the other ideas mentioned, you can use the pillow as a size reference when you take monthly snapshots. And the pillow options are nearly endless, as you can find them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors and sayings.

Available at thedriftwoodhaus.com, $33.80.

Find more DIY newborn photography tip in our story here.

What’s your favorite baby photo that you’ve taken? Tell us about it in a comment.

–Julie Seguss


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