Just because they can’t have a box of chocolates doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your baby’s first Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is usually focused on romance, and that’s great. We’re all for romance and reconnecting with your partner. In fact we encourage it (just check out those romantic Airbnbs!). Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re skipping our baby’s first Valentine’s Day! It’s still a milestone and there’s nothing we as parents love more than celebrating our little one’s firsts. Even though they won’t remember their first Day of Love, we can’t resist these adorable baby V-Day goodies!

We’ve put together the perfect list of baby-ready gifts for February 14th. Things to build, friends to snuggle, and adorable little love-themed outfits to wear in pics (that you’ll be sharing to your Tinybeans album, of course!). No matter how little (or big, actually), our babes have the biggest pieces of our hearts, so we’re making sure they know it. Baby’s first Valentine’s Day gifts are right here!

Wooden Heart Blocks

heart shaped wooden box filled with heart shaped wooden blocks
Bella Luna Toys

This is even better than a box of chocolates (for babies, anyway). Each sweet block has been stained with water-based, non-toxic dyes, and sanded down to smooth rounded corners, so they're even safe enough for them to teeth on! They'll be able to play with this adorable puzzle for years.

Wooden Heart Blocks ($50.00)—Buy Here!

Valentine Koala by Melange Collection

a grey plush koala in a red sweater with a heart on it

What's better than this cute koala to celebrate your little one's first Valentine's Day? Knowing that he's handmade by knitting artisans in Lima and in remote rural villages in Peru. They work closely with organizations dedicated to empowering women through income-generating projects. Artisans enjoy a safe work environment and earn a living wage with respect for their cultural traditions. That's one special koala!

Valentine Koala by Melange Collection ($40.00)—Buy Here!

Valentine's Day Plush Fill & Spill Playset

plush baby valentine's day fill and spill play set
Genius Baby Toys on Amazon

Let them squeak, crinkle, rattle, and jingle each of these plush lovey toys that fit right into the just-as-soft heart holder.

Valentine's Day Plush Fill & Spill Playset ($24.99)—Buy Here!

'Peekaboo: Love' Board Book


Peekaboo is a classic, so why not add a little love to it? Which each page including something to push, pull, or turn, this interactive book is sure to become a favorite.

'Peekaboo: Love' Board Book ($7.98)—Buy Here!

Blush Otter Kin by Slumberkins

blush pink plush otter holding a plush dark pink heart

You probably already know our deep love of Slumberkins, the collection of darling plush 'Kins', board books, and affirmation cards designed to help little ones get to know their emotions. So when we saw the special edition Valentine's Day Blush Otter Kin, we fell in love.

Blush Otter Kin by Slumberkins ($42.00)—Buy Here!

Heart Grasping Toy

light wooden heart baby toy with beads
Jojo Mommy

Babies love textures and sounds, so this wooden heart grasping toy is a great keepsake for their first Valentine's Day.

Heart Grasping Toy ($18.00)—Buy Here!

Lover Boy Onesie

red baby onesie with 'lover boy' text

This little sweatshirt style onesie is so dang cute. Major adorable photo opportunities with this one!

Lover Boy Onesie ($4.98)—Buy Here!

Musical Unicorn

pink plush musical unicorn baby toy

Music, sounds, bright colors, and a cozy feel? This unicorn has it all. There's also a chameleon and a caterpillar if the unicorn isn't quite their speed!

Musical Unicorn  ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Soft Shape Silicone Puzzle

Nuby on Amazon

Hand-eye coordination skills don't usually go hand-in-hand with Valentine's Day, but this puzzle makes sure it does! It has soft pieces that are ideal for little hands, too.

Soft Shape Silicone Puzzle ($10.70)—Buy Here!

Pehr Kimono Romper in Little Love


This unisex romper from Pehr has a precious little subtle heart print, is made with certified organic cotton, and even feature leg snaps to make diaper changes a breeze! And don't worry; if hearts aren't your babe's style, there are lots of great prints to pick from.

Pehr Kimono Romper in Little Love ($45.00)—Buy Here!

Baby Rainbow Sock 3-Pack


Rainbow matches everything, so they'll be coordinated head to toe with these cute socks.

Baby Rainbow Sock 3-Pack ($19.50)—Buy Here!

Baby Bitie Heart


Not only is the heart shape perfect for the Day of Love, but the multi-textured surface of this teether is ideal for sore little gums. They're available in multiple colors, too.

Baby Bitie Heart ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Reasons Why I Love You Personalized Board Book

I See Me!

For ages 0-3, this adorable personalized board book is definitely one they'll want to hold on to for a long, long time!

Reasons Why I Love You Personalized Board Book ($29.99)—Buy Here!


white heart shaped polarized sunglasses

Award-winning Babiators sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and kids offer 100% UV protection and flexible, durable frames. These heart shaped frames come in two sizes to fit kids ages 6 months to 5 years+!

Babiators ($38.00)—Buy Here!

Itzy Lovey Bunny

Itzy Ritzy on Amazon

Itzy Ritzy's precious bunny features soft sherpa fabric paired with minky plush that is soft on your little one's skin, plus it includes a silicone teether.

Itzy Lovey Bunny ($11.69)—Buy Here!

Baby Paper Original Crinkle Teether & Sensory Toy

pink heart print crinkle baby toy
Baby Paper on Amazon

Crinkles and bright colors make this a fabulous baby toy that's the perfect size. It's like a crinkly baby blanket that they won't want to let go of!

Baby Paper Original Crinkle Teether & Sensory Toy ($7.99)—Buy Here!

'Loveblock' Board Book

book cover of 'love block'

Show your baby how much love there is all over the world, including how different nimals express affection.

'Loveblock' Board Book ($11.49)—Buy Here!

Grimm's Pink Wobbly Stacking Tower


Just like Weeble toys, this Wobbly Stacking Tower wobbles around but won't fall! It's excellent for teaching hand-eye coordination and is made with lime wood and non-toxic water-based stain.

Grimm's Pink Wobbly Stacking Tower ($20.00)—Buy Here!

Munchkin Galaxy Buddies Light-Up Bath Toys

a rocket and astronaut bath toy set
Munchkin on Amazon

The water-safe LED light in both the cute little astronaut and matching rocket ship activates when placed in water or when touched and stay lit up for 15 seconds at a time.

Munchkin Galaxy Buddies Light-Up Bath Toys ($11.97)—Buy Here!

'I Love You, Baby' Color Magic Bath Book

cover of 'i love you baby' bath book

A bath book is already so cool, but this one blooms in bright colors once it hits the water!

'I Love You, Baby' Color Magic Bath Book ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Heart Letter Blocks

Modern Blocks

Handmade in San Francisco, these sweet blocks let you create names or quotes in a bunch of different available colors of organic paint.

Heart Letter Blocks ($7.00/each)—Buy Here!


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