Dealing with temper tantrums doesn’t have to be a guessing game

Laura Lynn LaPointe had us all breathing a sigh of relief. “What I want you to hear is that all children have tantrums. Your child is not going to get out of having tantrums.” Thank. Goodness. It’s so easy to feel completely alone, like our kids are the only ones who have meltdowns. And it’s also really easy to feel like it’s our fault. But, according to BabySparks Parent Coach and Child Behavior Consultant Laura Lynn LaPointe, it’s all normal, and temper tantrums are actually expected of our little ones.


“Know that a tantrum is just a behavior. It’s just something your child is doing. So let’s stop putting so much weight on it and so much personal meaning on it. It’s just another thing your child does and we can help with that.” That’s right. Not only is Laura Lynn an expert at helping us understand why our toddlers and preschoolers are having tantrums, she’s also able to help us handle them. “Your child having that tantrum does not make your child a bad child. It also does not make you a bad parent. We can handle it. We can deal with it.”

Check out what else Laura Lynn says about tantrums (& how to handle them!) here:

Tinybeans partnered up with BabySparks, your online source for on-demand parenting classes and child development resources, to bring you this free webinar hosted by Laura Lynn. This info-packed session dives into all things tantrums. From toddlers to preschoolers and beyond, Laura Lynn shares the why behind your kiddo’s moments of falling apart and how to handle them.

Laura Lynn LaPointe/Babysparks

If you’re dealing with tantrums, we have answers. Laura Lynn covers it all right here. And, even if your little one hasn’t hit their tantrum phase yet, this webinar will arm you with the tools to be totally prepared when they do. Think: happier kiddos, happier parents, and more smiles to share with your friends and fam on your Tinybeans app. See? We told you there’d be sighs of relief all around.

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