It’s just 10 minutes from Disneyland

If you’ve got a superhero-obsessed kid (or Batman-loving spouse), this Orange County Airbnb will check all the boxes. It’s got a full arcade with 10 stand-up games (set to free play); three superhero-themed rooms (including one room with enough beds to entertain a whole tribe of caped crusaders); and a backyard with so many toys that it could double as a daycare center.

But the real selling point of this unassuming abode lurks behind the bookshelf: Tug on a certain book and the whole shelf swings open to reveal a secret Batcave that will wow even the grinchiest of grown-ups.

The Batcave

Not only will you be greeted by a life-size model of the masked man himself, but you’ll also find yourself in maybe the coolest movie room ever. With stadium seating, leather recliner chairs, and enough seats for nine, the movie setup and sound system inside the Batcave will make you want to spend your whole stay watching Disney+ or Netflix (it’s all included).

Melissa Heckscher

The cave is designed to look like you’re really underground (in reality, it’s a converted garage), with black rocky walls all around, and lighting that leaves you wondering what it all really looks like. In one corner, there’s a six-panel video screen where Batman presumably watches over Gotham City; in the other corner, an imposing life-size Batman watches over the room (I had to look twice to make sure he wasn’t actually a real person, because, you know, horror movies). Flick a switch and you can turn on some theme music, so your exploits overseeing Gotham can feel even more authentic.

Melissa Heckscher

The Rest

Once you’re done binging on movies in the Batcave, there are plenty of other DC-esque details to explore (though, admittedly, none as OMG -inducing as the cave), including life-size models of Superman and Wonderwoman looming in the living room; a “Bat Signal” button hiding near the kitchen that turns on a toy train by the ceiling; and three bedrooms dedicated to different DC heroes (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Superman). It’s worth mentioning that the Superman room has enough beds—one triple-decker and one regular bunk bed—for whole extended families to get in the spirit.


Got little gamers? The full-size arcade will keep kids of all ages busy for at least long enough for dinner to be made. For tweens and teens who just don’t “get” the appeal of old-fashioned video games, there’s an X-box by the living room TV to wile away the hours.

When you want to get the kids outside, you won’t have trouble coaxing them out. The backyard has toys and games galore, including a full-size ping-pong table; an airplane that doubles as a seesaw for six; a small putting range; a swing set; two climbing structures; a cornhole game; a giant Connect Four game; and a coin-operated Bat Car that doesn’t actually require any coins.



Headed to Disneyland? Located in a nondescript neighborhood about 10 minutes from the park, this is a perfect place to stay if you want to save a little money on your stay (it’s way cheaper than a family suite at a Disneyland hotel). You’ll still have to pay for parking at Disney—or an Uber to get there—but it’s a small price to pay for your own Batcave.

Melissa Heckscher

“Hero Compound”
Sleeps: 9 (3 bedrooms; 7 beds; two baths)
Cost: $422 per night

Editor’s note: The writer was given a complimentary stay at this rental, but the opinions expressed in this post are her own. 

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