Netflix & Chilll’d Is Ben & Jerry’s New Binge-Worthy Flavor

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Ben & Jerry’s is giving Netflix and chill a whole new meaning. The iconic ice cream brand recently released its Netflix & Chilll’d flavors—and don’t blame us if you eat the entire pint binge-watching You!

So what exactly does a Netflix-themed ice cream taste like? Ben & Jerry’s delish delight is a frosty blend of peanut butter ice cream, pretzel swirls and fudge brownies.

Whether you’re craving sweet or salty, this ice cream won’t let you down. Between the pretzels, the peanut buttery taste and the fudge brownie goodness, you’ll get your savory/sugary fix in.

Along with the full-on creamy Netflix & Chilll’s flavor, vegans and anyone who needs to stay far away from milk products can still enjoy the binge-worthy pick. Ben & Jerry’s new flavor also comes in a Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert variety.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s



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