Amazon parents have a lot of opinions. These are the best baby bottles according to reviews!

Fed up with spending hours researching for the best baby bottles online? Look no further! Our roundup is based on Amazon customer reviews and satisfaction, so you can trust that you’re getting exactly what your fellow parents trust the most. These baby bottles are designed to reduce colic, reflux, and other challenges in babies that can come from bottle-feeding. No more searching and comparing – we’ve got you all taken care of.

Every baby is different, so we made sure to include baby bottles of all kinds (is there anything Amazon can’t do?). From bottles designed to mimic the breast, to vented designs, collapsible silicon, and angled options, we’re confident there’s a solution to your feeding issues, or an improvement to what you’re already doing. Of course, we also recommend you connect with your child’s pediatrician if you’re struggling with feeding your baby to rule out any kind of underlying issues that may be impacting them. Once you know it’s time to change up your bottle game, start reading!

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+

Dr. Brown's/Amazon

Dr. Brown's anti-colic vent system is clinically proven to reduce colic, gas, spitting up, and general tummy discomfort. The breast-like nipple shape encourages your baby to latch correctly for more natural bottle feeding and eases the transition from breast to bottle and back again!

Glowing Amazon Review: I bought these for my granddaughter. She was getting hiccups and had a lot of excess gas and spitting up from regular bottles. These bottles have alleviated gas and spitting up and she hardly ever gets hiccups after eating now. Highly recommend these bottles. And they are so cute.—Pamela Collins

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ ($25.32)—Buy Now!

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles with Natural Response Nipple


The opening and tip of these bottles from Philips is uniquely designed to only release milk if your wee one is actively drinks, just like breastfeeding! They can drink, swallow, and breathe, so they can control the flow.

Glowing Amazon Review: Only bottle I could get my strictly breastfed baby to take after trying so many brands! He did not do well with the "breast like/ orthodontic" nipple shape and took to this one almost immediately.—Abigale R.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles with Natural Response Nipple ($30.95)—Buy Now!

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles


MAM Easy Start bottles have a vented base that releases liquid slowly, reducing colic in 80%* of babies! (*Market research 2010-2020)

Glowing Amazon Review: These are great bottles! I spent hours reading bottle reviews and I hesitantly picked these. My son started using them at one month old. The flow is perfect. The nipple is perfect. They don’t leak. They’re sturdy. I used pumped/frozen milk and they do fine in the bottle warmer. When I switched to formula, I found that the mouth of the bottle is big enough for scooping formula. They’ve held up well. I would recommend these bottles to any parent.—Amazon Customer

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles ($13.99)—But Now!

Comotomo Bottle Bundle


In addition to the same great features we've been loving (anti-colic vents, breast-like feeding design), this set is a win thanks to the variety included in the bundle: two 5oz. bottles, two 8oz. bottles, and a package each of slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow replacement nipples!

Glowing Amazon Review: I steered clear from these because of the hype at first, but then I tried it the one in my sample pack of different bottles and it was the only one to not leak and not dribble. So I got more and more. These are amazing. My baby loves the comotomos. As do I. The only things are that the 4 oz easily tips over, so be careful. And, they're a little too wide to fit in some insulated holders properly.—Y.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Tommee Tippee

Your babe will ingest less air and more milk to prevent colic, plus the flexible nipple is closer to the breast! (Also, how cute are these limited-edition colors?!)

Glowing Amazon Review: I purchased these for my niece who I keep during her parents working hours. The bottle we did use was out of stock and we could not get them in. We purchased these based on other positive review of breastfed babies. She did not have any issues switching from her previous bottle to this one and there was not any nipple confusion between mom and bottle. She was an older baby when we started using these therefore established with breastfeeding. They were easy to clean and assemble. It says to not use a normal bottle brush for the actual nipple. So I would recommend getting the bottle brush for this bottle to have on hand.—Anonymous 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles ($35.00)—Buy Now!

Boon NURSH Collapsible Silicon Bottles


These super cute bottles have a silicon pouch design that collapse as your baby drinks, decreasing air intake to prevent colic-like symptoms. They're also reusable and can be boiled, microwaved, frozen, sterilized, and are dishwasher safe!

Glowing Amazon Review: Only bottles we use in this house. So easy to clean, cute colors to pick from, easily graspable for child. Totally leak proof until they get older (past 1) and learn how to shake it and drip it everywhere but that’s what the cap is for! I love that you can buy different parts like the interchangeable sippy cup top or the storage pods. I love that you don’t have to replace the whole bottle to get a new one you can just buy new inserts. We have 9 of these bottles, only because I wanted the different styles.—Diana Cheyenne Brown

Nanobébé Flexy Bottle


With extra-soft silicon and triple-vented design to mitigate colic and colic symptoms, the Flexy is definitely a parent fave.

Glowing Amazon Review: My first daughter rejected bottles and it was very rough on me going back to work. Second time around, I wanted to introduce bottles early so that I don’t have the same issues/stress when it’s time to return to work. My second baby was initially taking some bottle between breast feeding and recently started to scream/cry and reject. Obviously this was overwhelming. I looked up new bottles and read the reviews for this. Decided to give it a try since it’s supposedly good for breastfed babies. Oh my god. What a difference! She accepts it, will go back to it even if she pauses (previously would not if she stopped for any moment), and will actually finish a bottle. Wow. Thank you. So far this is a god send.—Alyson

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles


Evenflo's angled shape promotes a semi-upright feeding position that decreases the chances of ear aches, reflux, and gas!

Glowing Amazon Review: Our baby for some reason will only take bottles with the slimmer nipple. He doesn't like the "just like mom" nipples or the ones that are supposed to resemble breasts. We were using Dr. Browns, but they started leaking on us and the only option after 4oz was 9oz and those didn't fit in our diaper bag anyway. These were much cheaper, had less parts and fit in our bag. They work great! The angle makes upright feeding really easy and I like the colors the plastic is super durable and the vent in the nipple makes them really easy to clean. Only complaints: the oz on the bottle can be hard to read of the formula inside got too frothy or bubbly and the kids are hard to take off until you find the right technique. Bottom line.... Well worth the money.—Samuel

Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles ($50.00)—Buy Now!

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