There’s no shortage of baby carriers out there. But what if you want to, y’know, be comfortable while using one? Ah, there’s the catch. Parents can be discouraged from babywearing thanks to baby carrier bad press like getting too hot, back pain, inconvenience, not to mention the safety issues that can come from improperly wearing certain carriers. All of that can make it sound all sound pretty daunting and unappealing. But not to worry! The right baby carrier makes all the difference. And the best baby carriers are life-changing!

Finding the best baby carrier that keeps you and your precious cargo comfy and cool can be a chore, but we’ve done the work for you! We’re sure we’ve found the perfect baby carrier for you on this list. We’ve found carriers in all different styles and fabrics, as well as a wide-range of age-appropriateness. So buckle up and get ready for Babywearing 101.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini


BabyBjörn is one of the most trusted names in baby carriers, and this almost-5-star-rated Baby Carrier Mini proves why. Designed for 0-12 months and 7-24lbs, it's easy to put on and take off, it's soft, snug, and simple to use. It offers the perfect amount of support for your little one and is super comfy for you!

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini ($109.99)—Buy Here!

Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby

Reduce infant crying, increase connection, and enjoy hands-free wearing in our buttery-soft and breathable Solly Wrap. Even weight distribution makes the Solly Baby Wrap so comfortable for both baby and the wearer, year round. Available in multiple colors and prints! 8-25 lbs

Solly Baby Wrap ($69.00)—Buy Here!

Ergobaby Aerloom

Woman carrying baby in back carrier

The Aerloom Carrier is designed with comfort in mind. The seamless knit technology, FormaKnit, is lightweight, and the Aerloom is ergonomic in all carrying modes for baby, and offers curved straps and lumbar support for you. Ages 0-3 years, 7-35 lbs.

Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier ($249.00)—Buy Here!

Ergobaby Embrace

Woman carrying infant in baby carrier

The Ergobaby Embrace Carrier is simple and cozy for your newborn. There are no complicated wraps or buckles, keeps you both cool and dry, and easily rolls up to slip into your diaper bag! 0-12 months, 7-25 lbs.

Ergobaby Embrace Carrier ($99.00)—Buy Here!

Tushbaby Hip Seat

woman holding baby on hip using hip carrier

If you're ready to rock the hip carry, we've got the carrier for you. The Tushbaby Hip Seat offers four carrying positions in one! The Tushbaby is like having an extra arm to support your little and frees you up for moving without the strain a traditional hip carry can cause. 0-36 months, 8-35 lbs.

Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier ($84.99)—Buy Here!

Ergobaby Four Position 360

Man carrying baby in front facing carrier

The 360 is the next step after your little outgrows their wrap or newborn carrier. This one is great for older babies, and provides extra lumbar support for you to keep you comfy as your baby grows! 4-36 months, 12-45 lbs.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier ($119.00)—Buy Here!

Chicco Smartsupport Backpack


Chicco's Smartsupport Backpack is ideal for carrying growing kiddos. Including a 5-point harness, adjustable canopy for shade, and a padded backrest, the SmartSupport also makes sure you stay comfy while wearing it. The lightweight aluminum frame combined with padded shoulder straps and extra ventilation make this a great go-to carrier! 6 months and up, up to 40 lbs.

Chicco SmartSupport Backpack ($149.99)—Buy Here!

Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid


Designed with NICU experts, the ComfyHug Hybrid ensures a safe and comfortable newborn carrier option! Its hardware-free structure is made to keep your baby cozy and secure, and it's adjustable for everyone to wear easily. Newborn and up, 5-20 lbs.

The Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Carrier (59.99)—Buy Here!


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